Brave women speak up

I was reading my Bible today. The more I read the more I am attached to it like a living breathing part of me. Like a drug with no crazy side effects. (Well I guess that’s not exactly true but that’s for another day) And so I was reading in John Chapter 4. Jesus rolls into this town that most Jews would walk miles and miles to circumvent just to avoid this “Mixed bread” group of Samaritans. In the middle of the hot sun this woman is there and He asks her for water. Seems like no biggie but this was a Samaritan woman. The Jews hated the Samaritans and most cultures treated women like a commodity. On top of that, because her love life was apparently quite interesting, this woman would have been seen as garbage not just to the Jews but by her town.

But Jesus chose her- He knew who she was and everything she ever did. He chose a broken and rejected woman to reveal not only His true identity as the Messiah, but that the doors to heaven were open to more than just the Jews. THIS IS HUGE. Now If I were her I might have been extraordinarily anxious about telling anyone- What if they thought I was stupid or silly? Even worse would they try to punish or hurt me for my claims? Would they even hear my voice at all? After all, I am just one broken woman… But SHE SPOKE! This chick ran and told everyone! She had such an open heart to Him and wanted everyone to know that there was HOPE! She was a Brave woman. She inspired me to ask myself many questions.

Have you ever wanted to say something important but backed down? Have you ever wanted to use your voice for something important but just couldn’t seem to take a stand? I have, and it drives me nuts! Those who know me might say that I am… ehem- outspoken. But truly I still have mini anxiety attacks when wanting to speak with people. It can be paralyzing and frustrating. This year I am choosing not to live in fear. I reject the Idea that because I am emotional my opinion is somehow less true or important. Happy, sad, fury- all of it just bubbles out of me. It is a God given feature, a part of who I am. I reject the worry that I will seem silly or uneducated. I reject the concern that every person’s opinion is accurate and a measure of who I am. I’m not talking about being a loud mouth with no regard for others. I’m talking about those times when you know in your heart that your idea is worth a shot. I’m talking about telling my spouse what I need and not expecting him to read my mind. I’m talking about sharing real thoughts and stories that might spark a flame. I’m talking about standing up and saying that it’s not ok to disregard or depreciate me because I have a woman’s body, heart and mind. I’m talking about telling people that there is only one way that I will get to see them forever and that I hope they choose that gate.

Where have you felt like your voice is not heard? What will you choose today that will change that in the future?

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