A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue
Sacha Greif

Good article, in parts although I couldn’t disagree more with this statement:

“There’s no right or wrong answer here, it all depends on your learning style. The truth is, most basic React tutorials will probably use only a tiny subset of JavaScript anyway, so it’s perfectly fine to focus on only what you need now and leave the rest for later.”

The amount of developers who call themselves front-end developers/JavaScript developers because they can hack together some code and don’t have a clue how it’s actually working is genuinely concerning.

Before you go near any tools and frameworks you should get a good understanding of the language, it’s good parts and it’s bad parts. It doesn’t take long to gain a deep enough understanding (Read the “You Don’t Know JS” book series it’s FREE!) make some basic applications such as a Calculator, a simple jQuery like library (to gain an understanding of some basic programming patterns, scope, closures, es6 syntax etc).

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