My 1st meeting

Upon arrival at my first meeting ,

I trudged up the stairs to someone greeting ,

I’d arrived at my destination ,

Not very full on conversation ,

The chair sat down his name was mark ,

The lights went of , the room went dark ,

I didn’t know what I was going to hear ,

Amongst his chair I heard the word fear ,

At times I found it hard to swallow ,

I felt like something internally was hollow ,

I related to almost everything said ,

When thinking I was on my own in my head ,

I wasn’t outside to cause any harm ,

But sat in the middle it felt so calm ,

In the room we were all the same ,

Full of remorse , guilt & shame ,

Mark had a lovely message to send ,

And that brought the meeting close to the end ,

It felt in the rooms that everyone cared ,

Numerous people had even shared ,

As I was leaving it got a bit much ,

Exchanging numbers to stay in touch ,

This is my last hope to get back on track ,

Since then on I’ve never looked back………