How our location shapes our creativity.

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I like to say that every human possesses the power to be creative whenever and however, some people are too lazy to reach or surpass certain levels of their creativity and some are too mediocre to override their current state of mind because they are not comfortable in their location.

Some of the very creative minds in our world today are sometimes locked in the world of blocks, (examples we know are mental blocks, emotional barriers, writers block and others), but while we tend to know that we work best in certain conditions or emotions, we have paid little importance to how our location can affect our creative hub, i.e our minds.

I am a very observant person, and I have noticed that we are usually different personalities when in different locations.

I’ll use myself as an example but then I want you to try and relate to what I am about to explain.

Now, you will easily find me in three locations these days,

1. My house.
 2. My school.
 3. My workplace.

In any location, there are usually people who also have to be there and you get to associate with them or if you are not the social type, you still get to see them, observe and listen to their conversations, learn behavioral patterns and so on, this is very important if you are looking for where you are best creative.

At home, it takes more time for me to finish certain jobs, because I am surrounded by food and my bed. I will work on my projects like a snail and might have haphazard results.

I tend to procrastinate when I am in my school environment, although I still do jobs and meet deadlines, I lose concentration easily. I am surrounded by different minds, some people who always want to talk about their love lives, some people who want to talk about their latest experience with drugs, alcohol or sex. I join these conversations too, and what it does is so powerful.

In relating to this kind of people, I see writing as boring and my thoughts as irregular, who will I pitch my idea to or look to for certain answers, no one.

Intellectuals who can help are also locked up in this fix, creating a kind of environment where we have the potential to solve a problem but are too lost to do anything.

In my workplace, I always unearth my mojo and locate a realm that I don’t normally reach while in school. Apart from the fact that it is a work environment that exudes serenity, I relate to people who are concerned about the economy, the under-performing youths, and the government.

They have discussions on these topics in the morning before we get real busy, problems are posed and solutions are suggested, it makes me feel like Fix-It Felix throughout the day.

I travel for work purposes a lot, and in most cases, I have been in very appealing environments where I could hardly create because I met with people who were more fun interested. On another occasion, I was in a similar environment, surrounded by people who loved to mind their business, giving me time and space to think and work and it was result filled.

You see how the power of our locations, sometimes it might even make us emotional, reminding of someone we lost or certain memories which work for certain people but doesn’t for the most of us.

The solution?, I have just one, Adapting.

I adapt to the environment I find myself and then work towards placing my mind in balance, this way I don’t get totally disconnected from my mind and can easily identify a period when I can work productively.

In school, I still listen to those discussions but I wait for them to sleep off at night and work, and during the day, I connect my hands-free to my laptop and listen to Adele, Khalid or Sam Smith while I work. ( Their music create that serenity in my mind, try it, it might work for you).

In a situation where somewhere plays with my emotions, i take time to understand the situation, make calls to people who make me feel at home, it works for me, at least enough to write with the emotion serving as an anchor for my mind.

You can perform better in an environment where you think you can’t. You just need to adapt.

PS: We all have different personalities, so whatever conditions I work best in might be different from yours. The point I’m trying to make is that you can also work best in an environment you think is preventing you to.

In cases where an environment gives you emotional trauma, i don’t expect creating to be in your mind but if it is, please move from the location or see a counselor to hasten your recovery.