One People, Unconscious Hearts.

“What is life in essence, when we never live it to the end”

One world. 7.6 billion people. Seven Continents. Diversity.

The year is running out, we celebrate with families and friends during the holidays and consciously wait for the beginning of the year to start or recycle routines. We check our achievements, reminisce moments, check items left on our to-do list, and plan strategies for advancement in the new year.

But what did we, Humans, achieve in the year that is winding up? A big Question.

If we are asked to state our achievements, many of us will talk about how we have improved our lives be it in areas of attitude towards other people (which we tend to talk about with great pride because we think we have done a great favor to people we relate with), finance, love, and goals attained. Hurray! Nothing is wrong with that, in fact, you have done exceptionally well.

Did we show love to strangers?

I am just sad at how every day we die as a race because we have lost the reason for our existence or maybe we don’t know yet. That we exist to change lives, that we breathe well so we can ensure that others breathe the same air, that we can eat three times a day so that others will be able to eat at least twice.

Guess what, We don’t know.

People die of depression every day because they have realized that this life is actually not as hard as it seems but we have made difficult than the most confusing mazes, they can tell what love is and is not. They can tell when you are feigning beneath your own insecurities, pretending that you are all stitched up, telling them that they can be more if they do certain things.

They know that you are preaching the same message you are pretending that you don’t need to hear.

The reason why after many counseling sessions, suicide still happens is because these people already mastered the art of pain, to know that you are hiding behind yours. They just wanted to know they aren’t alone, but what did you do?

Paint them a world where everything is beautiful and perfect, convincing them they can get there if they work towards it. Why did you lie?

Isn’t it very sad that we have decided to give levels to what love is? We have used the term “True Love” to describe a love that is very pure, we don’t know anymore that love is already true. There is nothing like true love. Love is already true.

Do you know what we love more than that kid who hasn’t eaten in our streets?

We love our account balances, we prefer to recharge it with 200 naira than buying a meal of that equation for the kid.

Do you know what we love than our families?

Our image on the internet, where we pretend to be affluent and shut off pictures of where we really come from. The foundations our parents built on love.

Do you know what we love than our partners?

Ourselves. The truth is that we have messed up the idea of love, that it seems we have fully fallen in love at the early stages of our relationship and when we learn that our partners are not the perfect image we thought they were, we find out that the love we thought we had for them was for ourselves. It was for self-approval, self-satisfaction.


The world wasn’t built for us to live happily forever (the earlier we realize this, the better), we will always have incidences that will make or mar us, moments that will make us laugh, moments that will equally leave streams of tears on our face. We have to understand that pain is constant in this world, and happiness equally. We have to face them together, with support.

We have to learn that we need ourselves to make our lives worthwhile, we don’t need all the pretense, we don’t need envy in our deepest friendships, we don’t need jealousy in our relationships.

What we need is becoming the hardest thing to ask for in our generation.

What we need is the pillars of friendship and relationship built very strong in love that we can feel the pain of others to act the same way we would to ourselves.

What we need is support! We are one race, we are all brothers and sisters even though we have built a bracket for what we term as a family.

Forget Race, Forget Inequalities. Forget Religion. Forget Class.

Because none of this matters anymore when we pass away. Love till you are love itself.

We hide under the umbrella of Self Love.

“Self love wouldn’t be a thing, if we mastered the art of loving people”

If we learn to accept that we were created to increase one another through love, support and care. If we know that we can only grow in love, then we would be able to create art powerful than Da Vinci’s and Picasso’s of our lives.

Thank you.

PS: I wanted to write more, i felt it could be more. I realized i wouldn’t stop writing if i took that decision.