Theatre of Tedia

The Theatre of Tedia was an ancient theater troupe known for their perfected skill at creating lifelike performances on the stage. Their performances were so lifelike it was difficult to know what was real and what was not. All the sets had been designed to perfectly integrate into the stage, all performers had mastered the art of becoming their characters, and plays often times had preamble to allow audiences to ‘walk-in’ on the lives of the characters. The skills and techniques of Tedia were so closely guarded that it was nigh impossible to learn them if one wasn’t born into it. Those who did become a part of the group were sworn to a lifetime of performance.

Some 900 years passed, the audiences had stopped coming but the plays continued. The descendants kept the uniquely immersive skills alive to such faithfulness, but had forgotten why. To the children of the children of the children etc. of Tedia, the plays were simply known as life.