Be Present

“Be present.” I said aloud to no one but myself.

“Thank you, Lord, for watching over me.” My heart called out as I shook off my daydreams.

I, like on other days before this beautiful, summer afternoon, found myself lost in deep thoughts behind the wheel. Thoughts of nothing really. You know, just all the normal stuff in life

Lord, why…?

Lord, how…?

Lord, be with….

Do you think I can….?

Thank you for believing in me.

And! Of course my daydreams of being on stage playing the cello while singing a beautiful, love song to the Lord.

I’m not ashamed to admit that.

I can’t play the cello, I can’t even read sheet music, however, air guitar has nothing on my imaginary cello skills. <haha>

“Mama. Mama, are you even listening?” muffled through my ear canal. “Yes, yes, I’m listening. Now, what where you saying? ….. biology.”

“Be present!” I reminded myself as my daughter was telling me about her day.

Somewhere in between, “How was school?” and working my way through the ant maze of student drivers, I found myself lost again in thought.

“I tell you the three o’clock bell is like a foot. A foot stomping on a hill of ants. That’s what these kids look like coming out of school. ….hundreds of scattering ants. …driving ants!”

“Be present!” I reminded myself again.

“Be present.” I blinked myself out of my own personal prayer; to the reading of James 1: 19,

“My dear brothers and sisters, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” Our Pastor reads from his pulpit.

“Yes! ….be quick to listen! Be present!” I sternly remind myself.

“That was fun I haven’t played Mrs. Pacman in years. …okay. Its 11:45; school is out at 3 o’clock. I’ll drive home and come back to town…..”

For Heaven’s Sake! Be present!”

I reminded myself as I bounced around the driver’s seat of my husband’s truck, in the parking lot of some boy store that sells tent, car decals, speakers, and t-shirts.

“Where did that pothole come from?”

“Really? Why are there two stop signs? Oh, I’ve got to take a picture of this. …complete stop. No cars.”

Snap 📸

Drive off and drive right through that second stop sign.

“Ahh, come on!! BE PRESENT!”

Oh, Lord! Help me to be present in every second of every minute ; of every minute of every hour; of every hour of every day; of every day of every week; of every week of every month, and of every month of every year. Help me to be present in all the roles that I play in this life.

Present in my marriage.

Present in conversations.

Present in the lives of my children.

Present in my time with them.

Present in my life as wife and Mom.

Present, Lord, help me to be present.

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