So, you got your period?

Yep, I’m going there, ladies, …the monthly trash bin.

Gentlemen, I will understand if you would like to excuse yourselves from this post at this time.

You know, once upon a time this was a very private issue that was discussed in the privacy of your home. I can remember in the 80’s when a Kotex commercial came on, and my grandmother was embarrassed and ashamed that such a private, feminine issue was being broadcast on public television. She was humiliated and angry in that moment.

First off- I understand that what I consider right or wrong may be viewed differently through the eyes of others.

For example: This picture, I displayed my tampons and maxi pads there for the sake of a picture. I do not leave my feminine products out on display.

  1. Out of respect for my husband. He sees anything “Period” related and his gag reflex goes into overdrive.
  2. Teaching my daughters a little bathroom etiquette.
  3. It is bad enough that I am aching, bloated, cramping, and bleeding like the Niagara Falls. I don’t want to be reminded everytime I go into the bathroom that “It” is upon me. 😣😩😳

However, during that time of month, ladies, I believe that we can all agree that cleanliness is important.

One more time, cleanliness is important.

Again- cleanliness is important.

Why this?

Perhaps the mothers of the 21st century aren’t teaching their daughter’s how to correctly dispose of a sanitary napkin or tampon. Please, by all means, I will take it upon myself to lead, guide, and assist you in this matter the best that I can.

Want you, too, agree, mom’s, that it takes a village to raise a child? I, for one appreciates it when my daughters are loving corrected by loved ones, teachers, friends- excetera excetera.

Why now?

Girl!! Let me tell you! <haha> ….all joking aside.

I went into a public restroom, and to my surprise (most disgusted surprise) there was an open-faced, used sanitary napkin (maxi pad).

Not only was it open-faced, there were bloody urine droplets on the toilet seat and floor; as well as blood smears on the trash bin, trash bag, and toilet seat.

Now, I don’t know why this young lady felt she needed to put up such a fight with her maxi pad, however, she did, and by the looks of things her maxi pad won!

Whoever the young lady was had absolutely no consideration, or respect for the next person having to use that restroom stall after her.

Public restrooms and their cleanliness is a pet peeve of mine.

I think of the next person who will be using that stall after me.

  1. Will she be a child without the assistance of her mother?
  2. Will she be an elderly lady who hasn’t the strength in her legs to squat over the toilet seat?
  3. Will she be fighting with her pantyhose, and needs a clean ring for the match?
  4. Will she be holding her purse in her mouth because the store owner didn’t think to install hooks on the stall door? [I hate that worse that my period.]
  5. When I exit the stall, my messes are a reflection of me and my cleanliness. Some restrooms have a line. I don’t want your first impression of me to be the nasty lady who sprayed the seat and doesn’t wash her hands.

The same rules that apply for men, apply to us, as well, ladies.

It’s easy, really!

Treat a public restroom like you would your own bathroom. Most public restrooms even provide a can of Lysol- use it. Girl! I am my own cleaning lady when it comes to public restrooms. Disinfect the seat, handle, and stall lock.

Surely to goodness, and mercy to God you are not urinating on your personal toilet seat and bathroom floor at home. …and leaving it!

Surely to goodness you are not leaving open-faced, used sanitary napkins in your own personal bathroom.

Jump inside my Magic E-Bus. All aboard!!

Let’s take a little trip to a public restroom, shall we?

What we hope for when going to public restrooms.

In reality this is the one we get.

Two completely different public restrooms. However! Both of these public restrooms should be treated as equals. Why? Because all bathrooms matter! They should both be treated like your own bathroom at home.

Yes, the public restroom is a disgusting place, however, it is disgusting because it’s users are disgusting. They are living in their own little world; with no consideration of others. It’s too easy! Why must we make everything so complicated?

Even the cleanest of public restrooms are disgusting and filthy to the unseen eye. Looks can be very deceiving and the public restroom is the perfect example of that.

I understand the concerns of using a public restroom. There are diseases, yes? I understand that we can’t be too careful. I get it! Girl, I know. I’m equally concerned.

So, you got your period?

First of all, relax. Most of the ladies in here <the public restroom> have had a period, or are on their period themselves right now. So, take a breath, slow down, take care of yourself, and correctly dispose of your sanitary napkin or tampon.

Sanitary napkin / maxi pad

Calm down! It’s your turn in the restroom, now take your time and do your business neatly and correctly.

Pull your pad free from your panties. Roll it up, and wrap it in either the packaging from your clean pad or toilet tissue. Personally, I used both.

If you’re lucky enough, some public restrooms provide little, paper bags for your sanitary napkin disposal. Never flush sanitary pads down the toilet!

Throw your wrapped, used sanitary napkin in the trash bin. If the trash bin is an open top, please, take the time to cover the top of your feminine products with a paper towel or toilet tissue.



Calm down! Again, you waited your turn for the restroom; now it’s your turn. Take your time and do your business neatly and correctly.

You more than likely flush tampons, however, you are not supposed to. They are guilty <well, you are> of clogging up the drainage system and the outcome is an overflowing toilet. How embarrassing would that be, an overflowing toilet caused by YOUR tampon.

Just as you wrap a sanitary napkin in toilet tissue, you, too, are supposed to wrap used tampons in toilet tissue, or if you’re lucky enough, some public restrooms provide little, paper bags for your disposal.

Throw your wrapped, used tampon in the trash bin. If the trash bin is an open top, please, take the time to cover the top of your feminine products with a paper towel or toilet tissue.

*After, you insert your new tampon you are also going to want to neatly dispose of your tampon applicator. NEVER FLUSH your applicator. You can either place it back into the tampon baggy, or wrap the applicator in toilet tissue before throwing it in the trash bin.


Stop being so embarrassed that someone may know that you have started your monthly. I remember being your age <assuming you’re a preteen/teenager> and feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed by all of it, too.

Pssst! Come here. I, at 13 years of age even ask my mother’s permission to have a complete hysterectomy. She, of course, said no. <haha>

I laugh now, because, I can. I’ve matured. I’ve grown. My period does not define me anymore. However, I still remember the days of humiliation and embarrassment.

  1. The feminine hygiene aisle is most humiliating, and you assume that just by standing there that everyone in Wal-Mart or Dollar General knows that you have started your period. Listen to me. Most of the shoppers are females, and having your period isn’t headline news for them. (Running out of ice cream is- remember the Blue Bell catastrophe?) We all have, had, or are about to start our monthly period.
  2. While in a public restroom, you assume that everyone knows that you’re on your period. They don’t. However!! If you go into that stall slinging your sanitary napkin and tampons, because you are trying to hurry up and get out before someone notices that you have started your period …yea! That poor, innocent lady coming in after you knows that you are on your period by the site of the bloody mess you just left behind.
  3. Remember to stay calm, it’s just your period; not the end of the world. However much it feels like the world is ending, it’s not. Slow down and take care of your needs. AND REMEMBER! No one wants to clean up after you. Clean up after yourself.

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