Remember the days when we would send a strongly-worded letter to the head office of a company after a poor experience? Remember the days when we would call a company? Remember when we would email them? As one generation took over from the one before, the ways in which we contacted a company changed…and they’re changing again.

These days, consumers are hunting for fast solutions and this is now coming through online support. Rather than speaking to somebody on the phone or potentially waiting days for an email response, we can ask a question on a Facebook page, Twitter profile…

With each year that passes, technology finds a new way to help us. It allows businesses to become more efficient, consumers to enjoy their lives, and employees to make their jobs easier than ever before. Instagram bots are just one way that changing technology impacts social media.

If you’ve never heard of these bots before, don’t worry because we’ll go through everything you need to know. We’ll cover:

  • Instagram automation
  • Instagram bots
  • The debate between bots and human interaction

By the end, you should know the value and limitations of Instagram bots. From here, you can make a decision about…

In recent years, we’ve learned that B2B blogging has the potential to be just as useful as B2C blogging. However, we’ve also learned that the two aren’t born equal. We can carry across many of the same principles from B2C blogs, but there are some very important differences. Today, we’re going to discuss the things you need to know about B2B blogging, so keep reading for some insights regarding content creation, posting, and more.

Consider the Blog’s Purpose

First things first, we can’t do anything until we think about the purpose of our blog. It’s one thing creating content, but surely you aren’t just…

We all know the importance of a good website these days; they allow prospective customers to encounter our brand, learn about our service, and take the first steps towards making a purchase. However, the customer experience is ruined if a website doesn’t have relevant content, responsive design, fast page loading speeds, and other critical features…the same is true for email marketing.

Yes, it’s great to have an email marketing campaign because we have an efficient route to potential customers. On the other hand, you aren’t going to see the results you desire if your email marketing campaign isn’t effective. …

In the world of business, we’re always making decisions. While some are small and won’t affect the overall trajectory of the company too much, others will directly impact where the business goes and how quickly it will get there. In order to help us with the more important decisions, we’ve seen the introduction of data in recent years. With more data points, we can make informed decisions that are backed by numbers. Even if something goes wrong, at least we can be confident in the decision we made and justify it strongly.

With generative insights, we can even get help…

Hands typing on MacBook symbolizing best optimization practices
Hands typing on MacBook symbolizing best optimization practices

In the last decade alone, we’ve seen a great deal of changes in the world of marketing. As more businesses seem to enter each industry, it’s become evident that they need to be efficient with spending while also reaching out to their target market more effectively. Rather than following one or two strategies, as would be the case with traditional marketing, we can now have several different campaigns across a variety of channels.

What’s more, consumers now demand personalization and offers that resonate with them. As a result, marketers need to adjust their campaigns in real-time. …

If you want to optimize your website, you’ve probably seen that there is plenty you can do. As part of the whole search engine optimization (SEO) journey, one technique is to play around with title tags. Before you give up and contact a local SEO specialist, allow us to explain.

What’s a Title Tag?

Classified as an HTML element, a title tag essentially defines the title of a single web page. When you visit search engine results pages (SERPs), the title tag is the part you click on to visit a website. …

You want to send marketing emails and newsletters to your community, but you aren’t sure whether to choose SendGrid or MailChimp to help? Allow us to assist with your decision.

Below, we’ve drawn up a comparison so you can see exactly how they differ. By the end, hopefully you can make a decision and choose a solution that works for your business.

1. Introduction


On the one side, we have MailChimp which has long been a favorite for many marketers and professionals. Thanks to their many plans, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a startup or an international company. …

Every year, there seems to be a trend in the world of marketing. While we’re certainly riding the content wave right now, a new trend has also emerged: user-generated content.

For most people who shop online these days, they trust the words of others. Therefore, reviews play a very important role. According to a BrightLocal survey, nearly nine in every ten online consumers trust online reviews just as much as friends and family. With this, businesses have recognized their opportunity to provide content that comes directly from their customers.

If you’re confused, don’t worry. In this full guide, we’re going…

After spending money on advertising and sharing all sorts of posts on social media, it makes it all worthwhile when somebody finally subscribes to your platform with their email address. Once we have a list of email addresses, we can begin to target more specifically and send emails that will hopefully generate sales. Therefore, half the battle is won…but you can still go wrong.

Often, we read informational guides and blog posts where they jump from getting a new email subscriber to making a sale; they completely miss the part in the middle. Fortunately, this is where we want to…

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