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Dear Clients and Partners of Drake Cooper,

At Drake Cooper we say, We Build Brands for the Ambitious. We also say we mash-up creativity and innovation to build successful campaigns for our clients. As the President of the agency, over the summer of 2020, I had to deeply consider if we were living up to those words.

As we’ve all sadly witnessed this past summer’s racial injustice and resulting demonstrations and protests, there has been a national rethinking of all the things that led us to this moment. The Black Lives Matter movement made me wonder if my own silence and inaction, as a white male, is part of this ongoing problem. What can I do as an agency leader and a marketer to help? How can Drake Cooper be a better resource for our clients? Have I led our agency to give this topic enough discussion and thought in the past? Where we have failed as a company starts and stops with me. …


Jamie Cooper

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