Public Relations HW

3 Ideas for PR at Liberty

  1. What the staff and other people working at Liberty think of Jerry Falwell’s endorsement of Trump-This was a significant story in national news and many alumni as well as students themselves were upset about Jerry’s actions. I believe this has alot to do with public relations and affects the school, because there are great differing opinions in the school itself.
  2. Covering when LU Send went out to Appomattox to help-This would help boost Liberty’s image and show that they do much to help the people around us. Creating a public relations story like this would set Liberty apart from other schools and make them stand out to potential students.
  3. Story on gun rights at Liberty-While people on the left may not give support for Liberty because of this, this may help gain more support for Liberty from gun rights groups and conservative people. This was in national news as well and shows how our school promotes safety for the students.

5 News Releases

Fox News- This news release was urgent and spread accross on Fox’s website. Supposedly ISIS has trained 400 fighters to target the whole continent of Europe, not just Brussels. The severel suicide bombers are now scattered and are planning their next attack.

Yahoo News- This news release speaks about what has changed for ISIS and the debate on if Obama’s address on defeating ISIS is going to do anything. Wood, an expert on ISIS, said it is not so simple to merely defeat the group since they have supporters from all over. The article speaks about how straight war and battles will not defeat isis and there needs to be a more thought out plan.

CNN- This news release reported the official death of actor Ken Howard to be today, March 23rd, and he died at 71. He acted on “The White Shadow” in the 1970’s and had guest appearances on “30 Rock”. The SAG-AFTRA actor’s union he was a member of confirmed his death with a statement and were deeply saddened by his passing.

Wall Street Journal-This news release deals with the Brussels attacks and specifically one of the suicide bombers. The Turkish president said that they actually deported one of the bombers over the summer, but the Netherlands released him because they apparently could not find any terrorist links. Turkish officials believe the man to be Ibrahim El Bakraoui, a 29-year-old Belgian.

NBC News- This news release covers any of the newest and latest information on the Brussels attacks. It reports on what happened and what we know, such as the casualities, the wounded, and the suspects which was ISIS who claimed responsibility for the attacks. The article also covers stories such as false information on an American couple being found, the suspected Paris bomb maker dying in the airport attack and giving information to locations where ISIS tends to attack.

What is News?

  • Noteworthy information people will want to read/hear about
  • It is bizarre or there is some type of novelty to it
  • There is proximity and timeliness
  • Conflict
  • Prominence
  • Currency
  • Impact
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