Bringing your family together by focusing on things you might not expect.

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by Jamie Forbes | posted in: adventure philanthropy, Family Culture, Family Legacy, family philanthropy, Family Wealth Transition, Giving for kids, Philanthropy, Philanthropy Education, philanthropy management, Strategic Giving, Succession Planning for Families |

Year-end is a time of year when many families discuss philanthropy. The first part of the new year is the time to put all that talk into action.

Whether the conversation is focused on things you have already done together or it’s about creating a way to do some of your charitable giving as a family, I have observed a handful of practices that serve families particularly well. By “serving a family well”, I mean that the family is actively involved and invested in the process and the results. One thing that may surprise you is that the families who are the most engaged across generations and who report the most fulfilling family giving experience are those who focus less on giving and more on learning. …

Deciding the elements of your family culture that can flex and adapt and those which are bedrock and must remain is an art.

by Jamie Forbes | posted in: Family Culture, Family Legacy, Family Strategy, Family Wealth Transition, Generational Transitions, Generational Transitions, Philanthropy, Succession Planning for Families |

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Family Cultures Must Learn How to Adapt To Remain Relevant

The landscape of family culture is subjected to constant pressure from outside as the world we live in changes. This is true regardless of the size of your family or the number of generations that you track in your past. …

Maintaining family connections across generations through educations, traditions and shared experiences.

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Tending The Family Garden

In our previous blog posts about family culture, we have discussed why it is important to identify your family’s shared values and culture to align them across generations. Our most recent post outlined how governance structures embed core shared family values.

At this point it can feel like the work is done: your family has defined its shared beliefs and clarified its culture. …


Jamie Forbes

Founder of Forbes Legacy Advisors, works with individuals and businesses to think/act strategically about the connection between their values and their actions

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