Why should I apply to Injini ?

jamie martin
Aug 15, 2017 · 3 min read

Note: Applications for Cohort 1 of Injini are now closed. Applications for cohort 2 will open in March 2018. Please read the below to understand why you might apply, read the FAQ on our website (http://injini.co.za/#faq), read our site (www.injini.co.za) or email info@injini.co.za if you have any questions.

Our process

Applicants fill in a short application form (takes under 30 mins) that will next go live in March 2018. Around 15 successful applicants then take psychometric tests and pitch to our selection panel for the remaining 8 places.

Why should I apply ?

Africa’s first EdTech incubator

Injini (www.injini.africa) is the first EdTech dedicated incubator programme on the African continent. It is the only opportunity for EdTech entrepreneurs based anywhere in Africa to get industry specialist mentoring, support, scale up and funding introductions, and early stage funding.

Think big, or go home

Our philosophy is that we need ideas that scale rapidly to solve Africa’s education problems and seize its opportunities. So if your aim is to bring your innovation across the continent and then the world, you will be working with a likeminded team and leveraging relationships and resources aimed at achieving huge scale fast.

Open to anyone, anywhere

Our programme is open to anyone from, based in or focused on any African country.

We are determined to ensure cost is no barrier to joining our programme.

We will cover the full cost of travel to and from Cape Town for all entrepreneurs and teams. We will pay stipends. We will cover accommodation for those that need it. We will cover all programme related travel.

Education specialist support

Our mentors, dinner speakers, workshop leads are overwhelmingly education specialists. We have an education expert panel. We have relationships with education business, government and charities at the international, national and local level.

Unlike any other incubator or accelerator in Africa, our programme will involve a focus on the science of education and trialling and refining ideas in education settings, including working with leading academic partners.

Technical support

Each cohort member will get the technical support — such as a junior developer or game designer — they need to develop or build their idea. This is outside the direct funding and will come with project management and quality assurance support.

Unbeatable partners

We have established partnerships in the African tech, education, corporate and government world unrivalled by anyone. See some of them at http://injini.co.za/#our-partners

Incredible team

We are currently recruiting our team. We have had a stream of fantastic CVS, with candidates with education and business experience in the top companies and institutions across the world.

This will augment our existing team and board, which has decades of combined experience in business incubation, start ups, management consultancy, corporates and government.

Check out http://injini.co.za/#our-team

A unique network

Joining our programme will give you access to a unique network — not only those we know across the continent and world but your fellow cohort members. Each year, 16 entrepreneurs and teams will come through our programme creating a powerful network for accessing expertise and scale and funding opportunities.

Early stage funding

We will give each cohort up to R500k (~$40k) of funding. We believe that this is not only the only EdTech dedicated early stage funding available, it is the best terms you will raise money on at this stage.

What do you ask from applicants?

We take ~15% equity from each cohort company. This will be an individual negotiation with each cohort member.

We expect strong engagement from cohort members. You don’t have to be permanently in cape town, but particularly from October to December we will expect a strong presence in Cape Town.

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