Watching 365 Movies in 2017: February

In my ongoing quest to watch 365 movies and ultimately hate the world of cinema, here are the 28 movies I have watched for February.

  • Street Fight — Good guerilla documentary. Cory Booker is a likable guy, but I am surprised by how angry this entire election is. 4 stars
  • Sister Cities — Cute. Not great. Felt like we really only got an idea about who two of the daughters are. Good music throughout, second movie I’ve seen as part of this with Tom Everett Scott, fingers crossed it isn’t the last. 3 ½ stars
  • The Overnighters — Another good documentary, Netflix is full of these. The pastor was…kind of hard to care for over time. Not the most likeable guy. 3 ½ stars
  • A Dog’s Purpose — Cute, thank god it wasn’t relgiousy or you might’ve been furious. Josh Gad was safe casting, could’ve used more Dennis Quaid. Or Randy Quaid. 3 stars
  • Broadcast News — Holly Hunter is great in this, and I like that the female lead doesn’t bang both possible romances. Good movie, pretty good representation of the newsroom even if it is so 80s I’m surprised the soundtrack isn’t all synth. 4 stars
  • The Great Muppet Caper — This is maybe the last Muppet movie I’ve not watched. Fozzie and Kermit as twins is a fun gag, but the one of them constantly being thrown out of vehicles is better. Charles Grodin trying to bang Miss Piggy is amazing, but overall not as memorable or charming as most of their other movies. May be my least favorite muppet movie. 2 1/2 stars
  • Serendipity — Also called a cliche when done poorly. I hate Corbett and Cusack’s hair in this, like different stages of Billy Ray Cyrus. But one can’t ignore the strong chemistry between Cusack and Piven. Oh thank god John Cusack gets a haircut by the end. I like it but I don’t know if I’ll ever remember it. 3 stars
  • Team Foxcatcher — The amount of archive footage used in this is impressive. Did every member of Team Foxcatcher have a camera to record the events of their training? Or maybe everyone owned cameras in the early 90s, I was 5. 3 ½ stars
  • Adult Store — Second Cusack movie, here he is just a never-ending dick to Emma Roberts and it’s kind of delightful. Evan Peters is aso a treat in this. Cusack is comparable to Dr. Cox, and honestly knowing his and John C McGinley’s relationship that may be purposeful. Emma Roberts is unlikable but like in an early 20’s understandable kind of way. 3 ½ stars
  • Zoolander 2 — Oh boy. The amount of cameos in this is staggering. What happened to the evil council from the first Zoolander? Nobody cares. Tommy Hilfiger being a creep is kind of funny. Don’t like that Billy Zane was apparently working with the bad guys. This is not a good use of my Monday. 2 stars
  • Joy — I have no idea how this movie doesn’t end with her murdering her shitty family. Jennifer Lawrence was really good, same with DeNiro, but the story itself is a little forgettable. I dunno. Everything is terrible, maybe I’ll be dead soon. 3 ½ stars
  • Emily & Tim — Fun casting scheme like I’m Not There, gender and race not being a deciding factor for who plays Emily and Tim. The gay couple had maybe the best chemistry, but anything with Andre Braugher is always great. Heartbreaking in its own way. 4 stars
  • Burn After Reading — There are a staggering amount of Coen Brothers movies I’ve never watched. Brad Pitt is amazing as dumb comic relief. This story is all over the place in a great way, but I can’t help but feel bad for Richard Jenkins. JK Simmons is also always amazing. 4 stars
  • Everything Must Go — So continues the trend of watching movies I saw at Target years ago. Good. Depressing initially but takes an optimistic swing. Ferrell was really good in it, but I’ve always enjoyed his dramatic turns. Stephen Root getting pegged was unexpected. 4 stars
  • Invincible — I think this is the most Mark Wahlberg movie ever, that one that started it all, the missing link of Wahlbergs. I’m a sucker for a solid sports movie. 3 ½ stars
  • The Lego Batman Movie — Pretty good, lots of great cameos, not perfect but I’ve always been hard to please with this shit. Second half is more enjoyable than the first, and growth takes a little too long. Michael Cera was great as Robin, and lots of great comedian cameos. Ralph Fiennes should be the actual Alfred when he hits the appropriate age. 3 ½ stars
  • David Brent: Life on the Road — I have never been made more uncomfortable by a movie. Scott’s Tots levels of awkward. Gasped “Oh my god” on reflex at one point. Gervais takes it to a new level. The drunk hallway scene was pretty funny in its bizarreness, and the last show was actually sweet in its own way. I probably would’ve enjoyed this more if I had more of an attachment to David Brent as a character. 3 stars
  • Big Eyes — This is a Tim Burton movie that does not feel like a Tim Burton movie, so kudos to him. Amy Adams and Cristoph Waltz are both solid in it but I doubt I’ll remember I watched this movie in a month. 3 stars
  • Hidden Figures — Probably not going to get to all the Oscar noms before the ceremony but I’m gonna do my best. I liked it, but I felt like they two side stories were more interesting than the main one, although shout out to our heroine being from WV. It’s nice after seeing Man Of Steel to be reminded that Kevin Costner can act. 4 stars
  • My Blue Heaven — This might be the only Rick Moranis movie I’ve never seen. Weird that the same idea inspired both this and Goodfellas. Steve Martin’s accent is weird, part gangster-part Wisconsin. Perfectly fine movie. 3 stars
  • Girlfriend’s Day — Bob Odenkirk, Stacy Keach, Flo from the Progressive commercial, I haven’t seen an A-List like this since my last report card. That is a lie. This movie presents such a bizarre universe that I can’t help but find fascinating, where cards are the top dog. I have no idea what genre this movie is. Comedy noir? I don’t know. 4 stars
  • Chaplin — I know very little about Charlie Chaplin, except he helped Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson save the royal family in Shanghai Knights. Downey is good in the lead but the film doesn’t stand out of a crowd. Maybe the longest “where are they now” I’ve ever encountered after a movie ends. Nice touch casting his first and last love with the same actress. 3 ½ stars
  • Trolls — Surprisingly dark for a kid’s movie. Good cast but it feels like most of the side characters got zero characterization, just another way Dreamworks fails in comparison to Disney. Fine, songs were nice. 3 stars
  • The Legend of Tarzan — The scenery in this movie was amazing, but the CGI a kinda hit or miss. That may be because this was probably shot in 3-D? I’m guessing and have yet to google anything for this so why start now? I just honestly couldn’t believe that bad guy was realistically stomped to death by wildebeests. The flashbacks were better than the actual story, but Samuel L Jackson and Cristoph Waltz were both enjoyable. Kinda cool the bad guy fights with a rosary. 3 stars
  • Magicians: life in the Impossible — Magic is like comedy but with more skill and less of an audience. Bad trade off. Also one guy’s relationship was destroyed by touring so…yeah. And one is apparently a pedophile. Shouldn’t have googled him, now his beef with Criss Angel means nobody should win. Still, found myself rooting for two of the “heroes,” so hopefully things stay good for them and their douchey facial hair. 2 ½ stars
  • Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You — Not bad, good quick history on a man who reinvented television. Kind of glossed over a few of the things he created but seems like he still has a lot of energy. 93 years old and still appears to be just as sharp. Keep it up Norman. Really hope he doesn’t die after I write this. 3 ½ stars
  • Dreamland — This is the second movie I’ve watched this year where the guy who played Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim has a jerk off scene. Oh dang surprise Nick Thune. This is much better than The Late Bloomer. A quarter life crisis sort of movie, good cast, relatable characters if not moments. Noel Wells deserved a bigger part. Kinda weird how much I enjoyed a movie made by the romantic lead of The Princess Diaries. 4 stars
  • Boogie Nights — Mark Wahlberg looks like a baby! Also a surprising movie to feature a choreographed dance number. The Punisher just sold drugs to Doctor Octopus. This is who I am. The kid throwing firecrackers, this whole scene is driving me crazy in a very well made way. Ending optimistically to God Only Knows gave this a very weird Love Actually vibe. I’m glad I finally watched this, dick looked weird though. 4 stars
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