And how a simple change in your thinking might just help you discover the next one.

We have all had that thought. “How did I not come up with that idea! It’s just so obvious!” We all knew that booking a taxi and sitting in the back anxiously watching the meter was a horrible experience, but until Uber and Lyft, there was little to no innovation…

3 Mental models that have helped structure our collaborative decision making in a fast-growing team.

As a small team, you are uniquely positioned to make decisions quickly and move fast. It is what makes startups, well startups.

In the early days, your scrappy startup is forced to make decisions together as a team. In an environment where we often look to hire smart, independent thinkers…

Jamie Carr

👨‍💻 Product Designer at HomeHero | 📖Mostly a reader | ✏️Occasionally a writer | 👨‍🎨 Design work and side project-y stuff @

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