Finding Inspiration in the Everyday.

Many a wise person will reiterate that life is what you do and to make it you need to take that opportunity: it’s looking right at you!

Sounds simple , it is right there, cant you see it?

Many will go through life interested in the secret “trying” to discover what perceived successful people do.

The ideas given to children are passion, integrity and find that inner drive. It can be anything but you need to have that burning passion.

People will say “but i don’t know what my passion is?” it doesn't have to be world peace it just needs to be something attainable, small steps, develop your chi, develop and build on that yearning to complete something.

Start small have many wins and sign off each stage with an inner acknowledgement.

Do not admire too long. Think like a traveler, look to the next experience move on to that next burning desire, replace it,develop it.

Recent completion of an education degree, family and friends encouraged a celebration of achievement, bask in the glory.

Five days of inner pride, stoking, thinking, planning the next opportunity.

Allowing the mind to briefly wander to the next possibility, a goal that has been stored in the dark reaches of the mind only to be dragged out and pondered on the rarest occasions.

The most deeply burning desire will sit there and be used as fuel, motivation to discover growth and learning opportunities.

You see this mindset is a growth mindset, open to all probability, possibilities, nothing is off the cards.

Find the inspiration in every day life is a hard challenge and one that needs commitment, dedication and ability to slow down everything around you.

Give yourself permission to switch onto your own thoughts. Don’t be consumed, look for the opportunities that you may be missing ,slow your thoughts, sift through everything, all avenues of your daily life.

Who you touch with your presents, who has touched you, conversations that explore inner thoughts, ideas.

Use this as a starting point to write. Find inspiration to write , catalog thoughts, ideas and come back make connections in reflection.

Walking the streets of the inner city after a long education workshop feeling time slow, alone with many thoughts feeling the peace around through the 5 pm traffic.

Noticing nature the beauty the surroundings, journey to reflection as inspiration and opportunity for future direction.

Subitizing leaves on the footpath. A mired blend of small, large, brown, yellow, scattered.

Flicking through ideas, the possibility discovering connections between passion for coding and technology in the classroom, developing an idea.

Leaves turning to coding patterns. Musing over thoughts and playing with the principles of implication within the learning environment.

Using the surroundings to find inspiration, connecting ideas laid out in no specific order.

Building, consolidating the connection between ideas that previously had no right to occupy the same space let alone share a bond of opportunity.

Impetus for change and creation of opportunities, developing, collaborating, training, an entrepreneur.

Everyday life is the inspiration in making reality.