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Staking Season 2 is here!

Why boid?

Boid is a distributed-computing resource, another term for this is a Social Super Computer.

Using the boid app, users effectively point their CPU hash power via Boid to Mapping Cancer Markers. In the future users will have the ability to select which good cause they wish to support with their CPU hash power. Boid is currently in the Alpha stage of development, and are continually finetuning the app and its functionality., based on feedback from its community.

The aim is to help increase the speed at which researchers can complete mainly; complex research tasks requiring significant computational processing capacity.

The reward, as well as supporting a great cause, Boid users are paid in Boid Tokens for the Power their CPU generates.

Boid Tokens are paid out to users via their EOS account; a minimum balance of 100 Boid tokens is required.

Boid has been aggregating hash for the last ten months and is currently placed 6th of out the top 10 members.

Why Rise?

Rise offers a platform for Decentralized Applications (DAPPs), powered by a community-driven Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain.

To find out more about Rise, links are provided at the bottom of this guide.

The Rise team came across Boid in recent months and were interested in the teams’ approach to the gamification of Boinc, Boinc is the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, users contribute CPU hash rate to various research projects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkeley_Open_Infrastructure_for_Network_Computing

The Boid App has a user-friendly user interface and requires only a few clicks to set up and install.

Reward Structure for this Season:

Boid users that produce Boid Power receive Boid tokens corresponding to the power they produce. As Boid is an Eos token, they will appear as a token in your EOS account.

Rise Rewards

Members of the Rise Team have kindly donated a reward pool of 25,000 RISE for this staking season. Thanks go out to @lokesh and @jeff

The reason we have set the rewards up in this way is to incentivise all users, with varying CPU hash power receive some Rise as a reward, and this is in addition to any Boid tokens you receive directly from the Boid Power users generate.

The Rise rewards will be paid out to users at the end of the staking season. There is a lag of up to a week following completion of the staking season. During this time we will collate, validate and payout.

Important Note: To receive Rise, users will need to have a Rise wallet, with a Rise address setup.

Click here for the Rise Web Wallet

To create a Rise wallet open the web wallet via the link above, and on the left-hand side of the screen, Click New Account, and carefully follow the instructions, ensuring you write down your 12-word mnemonic, and keep it very safe, without it, you will not be able to access your Rise.

Once complete you will be provided with a Rise public address, which will look something like this:

Each user is requested to add their newly created Rise Address to their user profile within the https://app.boid.com

Click on the Cog icon highlighted below, and then Click the < GO TO PROFILE button.

In your tagline, add your Rise Public Wallet Address. Scroll down and click Update.

If you need support on how to do this, please let me know.

Social Power - You can also gain rewards through social power if you provide your referral link to a new user.

How to Get Started?

You will need a couple of things to get started. If you already have an EOS account then you can skip the section below and continue from the Set up your Boid User section

If you don’t currently have an EOS address there are a number of options, a few are listed below.

You can install Scatter: https://get-scatter.com/download

Murmur is currently offering free EOS accounts for the moment. It might take 2–4 days to get activated. You can check their telegram group too.

  • Install the Murmur app, and it is fantastic! Do check out the app on Playstore at https://bit.ly/2VgciFd or iTunes at https://apple.co/2VOm8yk.
  • Use “eosfever4321” as a referral code. For info, @eosfever is a helpful boid user who provided the above info and referral code.

Set up your Boid User.

Please click on this link: https://app.boid.com/

Click on the Join Us button, and you will see the following screen:

Type in your preferred email and create a secure password, then hit Register.

If successful, you will see the following screen, just hit the Start button.

Next, you want to link your newly created EOS account to your Boid user.

To do this user Scatter. Open up your Scatter APP.

Go back to the web browser and https://app.boid.com/

On the left-hand side you will see a section called Wallet:


It will now provide instructions to link your EOS Account to your Boid User.

If successful, it will show your EOS account address in the Wallet section.

How to Start Mining?

Now that the hard part is over, linking and setting everything up, it’s time to install the APP and get your CPU’s working.

At the top of the main screen, when you first log in via the web browser you will see:


Select Mac or Windows and download the APP.

Once downloaded, install like any other windows or mac app.

Once installed, open the APP for the first time, it might take a little while to run for the first time, log in using the Email and Password you used to register your Boid User and click login.

All being well you should now see the main mining screen below:

Mining isn’t enabled by default.

Click on the Cog button (highlighted in Orange), you can define some general app settings here. Once complete click on Confirm.

Next, in the CPU box below there is another Cog icon (highlighted in Red), if you click on that, you can define how many cores of your CPU you wish to allocate to Boid mining. There are also other settings for Laptop users etc. once updated click confirm.

Now its time to toggle the Radio button to On (highlighted in Green) to start CPU mining.

Linux VPS

If you run a Linux VPS, you can install the boidcmd command-line interface.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions:


You can also limit the amount of CPU the app uses.

By Running:

boidcmd setCPU 50

That will use 50% of the available CPU(s)

It will automatically add the device to your device list in the app.boid.com browser.

GPU mining

Within the desktop APP, you also have the option to mine using your GPU. To be clear, you are effectively mining Ravencoin, which is converted to Boid at the going rate. Users receive their boid tokens in the same way.

This is more to test the function of GPU mining, and once we have on-boarded GPU mineable research projects in the future users will be able to select which GPU project to support.

GPU mining works effectively on external AMD and Nvidia GPU’s, onboard, or integrated GPU’s may be supported later, but due to the number of variables, it’s more challenging to set up and test than external GPU’s.

Important Info

Boid Power typically takes 24 hrs for the Power to show in the app/browser.

To achieve full power, it takes up to 3 weeks, this is done to stop people renting massive CPU power and gaming the system. This protects serious supporters.

As always, if you have any questions, need some help with getting setup, please feel free to message me in the Rise Boid Miner Telegram group.


My username is @jamiec79 should you have any questions, you can contact me via the Telegram link above.

On a final note, we really appreciate you taking the time to read the info above, and hope you join the RiseBoidTeam for Staking Season 2.

Useful Links

Boid Website - https://boid.com

Rise Website - https://rise.vision/




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