Thanks again.
Ali Afshar

I can’t believe how many mean, nasty comments have been posted here, or how polite Ali has been with all of you. Even the semi-positive comments tell him that he didn’t do it right.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Some of you seemed to be delighted to have the opportunity to tell him what a rotten, lousy, selfish man he is…even went so far as to say that he knowingly threw himself in to be beaten for the attention…that he’d spotted an opportunity to get his ass kicked and gain fame for it, so he should be happy. You pulled that bag of crazy out of your head, and YOU are questioning HIS thoughts and actions?

One of you, after spewing a few paragraphs of hateful trash, then said ‘oh, wait…are you really a doctor?’ Even saying um, because here in America, you need a specialist degree for that. Wow. Really?

Out of all the comments I read, you know how many of you made a suggestion to improve interactions between police and citizens? None.

There was a story in here from a Veteran who suffered a mental breakdown and was beaten by the police. He served our country, and was mentally damaged from it, and he was beaten bloody. He served so we could have the freedom to write shitty things to Ali because he tried to help someone.

A story from a nurse who had witnessed the same thing many times, with police bringing in people they’d beaten.

Ali misjudged the situation and reacted too quickly, out of concern, was beaten for it…and you think it’s his fault.

An officer misjudges a situation, reacts too quickly, shoots and kills a person, or beats them senseless. Let me guess who you think is at fault.

Police officers have a horrible and hard job. People are scared of them, angry at them, running from them, shooting at them, lying to them…it’s no wonder they lose their cool. Just like that Veteran, they fight to keep us safe, and they risk their lives every day. It’s not an excuse for aggression and violence, it’s a breeding ground for it.

Ali was trying to help someone in trouble, didn’t approach it right, and was beaten for it. He’s posted his experience because he wants to stand up and be a voice for others, to help those who cannot help themselves.

If you gang up on him and beat the kindness out of him here, nothing changes, it just gets worse…and the next beating, or worse, might be someone you care about.

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