This could happen on certain issues.
Tony Kilner

It’ll always be hard at the edges to distinguish ‘legitimate influencing’ from ‘attempting to bully’, particularly if it’s done with a nudge and a wink (e.g. ‘we will remember’) rather than explicitly.

As the CLP executive (if it’s in an area fulfilling one of my criteria above) has more concentrated influence over the MP’s future, they should be particularly careful not to try to subvert the MP’s mandate during a parliament.

But I think we basically agree. This sort of issue is the more painful part of the attempt to shift Labour to the left (which JC has every right to do, it’s just happening at the wrong stage of the democratic process imo) — it’s either teething problems or a futile effort…

(I know nothing about CA processes! But would apply the same principles, and would be similarly against strong attempts to leverage the threat of deselection.)

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