Summit 2017 Super Quick Recap

Red Hat Summit 2017

was May 2–4 in Boston, MA. In my five years at Red Hat, I have been lucky enough to attend 4 Red Hat Summits. I have worked booths, been to meetings, created geek gaming platforms, and given lightning talks. But this was the first year that I had a breakout session accepted. I was over the moon, and I was super nervous.

The Boston Convention Center

in a word, is HUGE. Like Trump-style YUGE. The numbers I have heard for this year’s Summit was ~7000 people. It was amazing. But this venue can hold twice that, I would imagine. We will be back in 2019, and I think we will have grown into it. But this year it felt a little like we were wearing our older brother’s pants.

The Science Party

At just about any major conference that Red Hat is at en masse, there is a science party for our customers who specialize in science related fields, HPC, etc. Red Hat Summit is no exception.

This year’s Red Hat Summit Science Party filled up the third floor of Legal Seafood — Harborside with 125 science geeks, their friends, good food, and an open bar. A great night.

My session

This is the part where I am going to brag a little bit. Watch out.

For the first time, all of the breakout sessions at Red Hat Summit were recorded. Mine is up on YouTube.

As you can imageine, there is a very healthy, mostly friendly competition for “King of the Hill” for all of the presenters at Summit. We recently got the statistics back. I had 117 people scan in at the door for my session. Of those 117, 40 people answered the feedback survey after my session was over. On a scale out of 5, I got an average score of 4.93, with 4.90 for content and 4.95 for delivery.

This score is good enough to be the top rated session at Red Hat Summit this year.

I am over the moon. Plain and simple.

Originally published at on May 17, 2017.

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