What to consider for cloud data transmitted globally?
Michael Shan

Interesting series of blogs Michael. You have given a broad overview of the major challenges and issues with adopting cloud computing and how to overcome them. I agree with you that due to the fast growth of cloud computing, it will lead to more and more businesses adopting cloud computing which in turn will lead to other issues that will require attention.

One issue to consider from a business point of view is recovery from data loss. I came across this article which discusses why some businesses are reluctant to take the final step to go into the “cloud”. Security is the final stumbling block for many companies. Data loss and preventing it from happening is a major issue for businesses. The author accepts that data loss can and will happen. It could occur while the data is being encrypted and becomes corrupted. Then it needs to be recovered. It is how the cloud provider reacts to this situation and how quickly they can recover the lost data from backups is what he says is the final step in overcoming the final fear of the cloud.

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