How to Save on Prescription Drugs

Jan 4, 2018 · 3 min read

If you need regular medication, you will really be spending much money on buying prescription drugs which are far from being cheap. It can be that the prescription drugs that you need monthly cost more than what you pay for your electric or water bills or even your grocery cost. But if you know where to look, you can find places that offer assistance with prescription drug costs. If you are looking for discounted prescription drugs, here are some programs that you can consider.

There are many states that offer programs to help people who qualify with their prescription drug costs at, especially those on Medicare. When you show your Medicare card from the pharmacy you are purchasing from, then you will be give an addition discount off the purchase price. However, not ever pharmacy participate in this program, and you will have to find out which ones are included in the program.

Another help that each state offer to individuals needing prescription drugs are a variety of smaller, individual programs. Many of these programs are geared towards helping senior citizens get the prescription drugs, and you can find these sites if you do an online search. You can also find prescription drug assistance for younger children and people suffering from diabetes. Visit link!

Drug companies also offer patient assistance programs to qualified individuals in order for them to get free or discounted prescription drugs. There are other names given to this patient assistance programs including charitable drug programs, medication assistance, or indigent drug policies. It is the drug companies that have initiated this program and has nothing to do with the government or the state. Some of the most popular and well-known drugs are available with these programs. Although they have different eligibility and application requirements to join, every major pharmaceutical company has a patient assistance program.

To have an idea on how to get discounts when buying prescription drugs, go to

What you need to do is to ask for a patient assistance program application from a drug company or they can look through their online database. There are some companies that would require that your doctor or hospital get the form from them directly. This is done so that the patient can know sooner if he is eligible for the program. Application is only sent out after the drug company has screen the patient for eligibility. If the applicant is approved, then the medication will be sent to his house.

Veterans assistance offers a big chunk of prescription drug coverage, for those who have served in the armed forces. If you file your prescription at the veterans assistance facility, then you can get discounts for your prescription drugs. If you have serviced on active duty and were honorably or generally discharged, then you quality for veterans assistance. The Veterans Assistance Health Benefits Services can help you with the information that you may need about the program.

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