Gettin’ SASS-y

Yesterday, we learned about the CSS extension, SASS. Like most things I am learning about, I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to make my life easier, but I’m told it will.

So far, we used it to re-format our css from last week’s project. In that sense, it was really nice to clean up that code, nest code inside code and easily see what fonts/colors are being used.

It’s blowing my mind how many programs and installs we are using. Between the terminal, the text editor, the extensions and package managers, it’s a maze of new systems to learn.

I know people teach themselves all this stuff and I have huge respect for them (shout out Scott Sword!), but I can’t imagine trying to teach all of this to myself.

I feel like what I’m learning in one day would take one month on my own.

Loving this fast, intense pace of learning. It’s a great feeling going to bed each night with an exhausted brain.

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