Who is John?

Today, during morning lecture at The Iron Yard, we were reminded that at 1:30 we were all supposed to meet in the back community space of the school to hear “John” speak. John was going to talk to us about personal branding and how to further our careers.

You don’t want to miss John speak. John is just incredible.

Finally, my Iron Yard bestie, Kelley, looks at me and says, “Who is John?” I laughed because I also had no idea who this “John character” was that everyone assumed we should know.

Well, we learned who John was and he was, in fact, incredible. John Saddington, one of the founders of The Iron Yard, serial entrepreneur, investor, hacker, writer, speaker that just built an app called “desk” that won app of the year last year. He likes to use the F word and he likes to see us succeed.

He believes that one of the key factors in furthering your career, opening the door to new opportunities and being in control of your brand is to….blog.

In fact, he has met new business partners and investors, and made a lot of money from blogging and has almost 9k posts on his personal blog.

It was a short presentation, full of curse words, very humorous but most importantly, inspiring. I need to focus on “intentionality.” I need to intentionally practice. I need to intentionally use my time, especially during these 12 weeks at The Iron Yard. I need to be as dedicated to my profession as professional athletes are to theirs.

“Have you ever met an accidental professional athlete?” He asks. “The answer is no. It’s a lot of work, hard work, and a lot of getting back up after you fall.”

Long story short, I’m glad I attended the (mandatory) presentation by some mystery man named John. And I’m accepting his challenge to blog.