As part of an ongoing effort to bring transparency and clarity to the Algorand project, we are publishing the second of what will become regular transparency reports on our Algorand holdings and activities.

Entities and financial relationships:

Pillar’s investment in Algorand Inc. comes through two entities that invest in parallel. Our Agreements with the Algorand Foundation are also through these two entities.

Pillar has signed node agreements which we believe are identical to those of the other early backers. …

We’ve decided to recruit a Partner to lead our Bio + Tech efforts, more specifically, opportunities at the intersection of Bio, Computation, and Engineering. “Bio+Tech” includes life sciences, but also applies to platforms, software, tools, and bio innovations in sustainability, food, ag, and other industries.

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By background, Pillar was started in 2016 with a group of 16 of the top tech CEOs in Boston, including the leaders of TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Draftkings, and Rapid7. …

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This week, Trimble closed the acquisition of our portfolio company Kuebix. It’s always bittersweet to sell a company, but the combination of Trimble’s network of private fleet and commercial carrier customers and Kuebix’s community of thousands of shipping companies was too valuable for buyer or seller to pass up.

Kuebix combines an enterprise SaaS solution and a transaction marketplace and could represent a new hybrid approach that brings the best of both worlds.

I first met Dan Clark, the Founder and President, nearly 10 years ago, when Kuebix was called CarrierStore. Back then, it was a managed services business, helping shippers save money on their transportation costs with mostly manual efforts. It was clear, however, from those early days, that Dan, a colorful Bostonian from the mill town of Maynard, had a gift of translating trucking needs into technology speak, a vision for the future and the personal drive to make it happen. …

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