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Stop, take a moment, reflect.

I know, I get it, you’ve been cooped up, trust me I feel it too…

My whole belief around work is that it best happens through open collaboration and the power of the collective brain. Working in-person and using the room’s energy to drive ideas is hard to rival, the speed of communication, the breakthrough moments between words.

Being in the presence of a passionate team,
working to a shared goal is just infectious.

O.K, poor choice of phrasing but you get what I’m saying.
Great work happens together.

Sounds pretty contradictory coming from someone who specializes in business agility, design sprints, growth hacking, and future thinking right. Well, the point is to not run blindly back to the office and slip into business-as-usual, just to fix present-day efficiencies. …

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Building a Sustainable Culture of Innovation with Operational Design.

Congrats 👏, If you’re reading this then you’re already thinking way ahead of most people in business. You’re a corporate rebel who embraces change and you have a desire to build a future-focused organisation, one that applies not only strategy but cultural and organisational thinking to its ways of working. But don’t stop there and don’t get complacent! Successful business (transformation) evolution only exists through execution, and one must always practice what they preach.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion. …

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Going beyond the working relationship of buyer and supplier.

I know, it seems pretty counter-intuitive. You think partner, you think together, and you’d be right somewhat. But a working relationship between an agency and client is a result of something more complex, and a partnership is much more nuanced.

Well, if we spoke about a partnership in the traditional business and legal sense, it is defined as the share of ownership, liabilities, and profits between two or more parties.

Yet, and this is what makes the term “partnership” pretty vague. If we looked at our personal lives, we instantly think about our partners being our closest loved ones, our friends, and as our partners in crime that we enjoy doing crazy things with. …

New year's resolutions, failure, and hacking human behavior.

Don’t like reading? listen to the audio version for free

Now what indeed…

Are we meant to be doing something different? Probably, everyone else is! Panic sets in, complete and utter FOMO. New year, new we sort of thing. Even if you’re old enough to remember the turn of the millennium, 2020 is still a significant change and it’s a bit of a daunting one. A whole new decade is here and a hell of a lot has happened since the last, so this time it has to be bigger and better than ever, right!?

Our Ross Chapman on point with a perfectly timed…

Our lead DevOps engineer, and all round nice guy Mark Vallins, shares his experience with Azure deployments using ARM templates, Powershell and Visual Studio Code. A great video walkthrough for anyone looking at automated deployments in the Microsoft cloud.

Dootrix develops intelligent technology on the Microsoft cloud and provides fully managed services built on Azure PaaS. We are proud to be a Microsoft Silver partner and cloud solution provider.

If you are interested in learning more about how DevOps and Azure can help you to lower the cost of change, iterate faster and scale on demand then please get in touch or talk to us about our free half-day workshops.

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Originally published at on May 15, 2018.

…and why you should take the time to actually read them.

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Kahneman’s book contains some deep important concepts around how human beings make decisions. It will help you understand why humans make errors in judgement, and how to look for signs that you yourself may be about to make a System 1 error.

A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth.
— Daniel Kahneman

Ariely looks at self-defeating behaviour, the power of suggestion, of procrastination, the effects of placebos and many other aspects of our lives that we are often unaware of. …

How can we leverage modern technology and big data to help reduce this unnecessary water loss? Or, how to go to a Hackathon lose team members, as well as your mind and still be a #Winner.

To figure this out Dootrix joined the Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) along with some of the brightest teams from all over the world for an Innovation Festival.

Located at the beautiful Newcastle race course, the festival took place over five days and followed a Google Ventures design sprint. Perfect for us as Dootrix has used GV sprints to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers for several years now.

Until 10 to 15 years ago, corporations tried to deal with innovation internally. They had huge research and development departments and budgets. But in the modern innovation context, the process of bringing ideas into prototyping and into the market is so quick that you don’t have time to spend years and years with your internal department, waiting for something to happen. …

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Our design team explains, amongst other things, why “What if?” is and always will be, the most important question.

We’ve recently welcomed Jamie Heuze as our Head of Design, and Adam Weekes as our first dedicated UI Designer, and by way of introduction I asked them for their thoughts on 21st century design, the power of process and the difference between UI and UX design.

Tim: ‘Beautiful design. Rock solid engineering. Software built with both sides of the brain’ is the way we describe Dootrix’s approach so that seems like a good place to start. …

First things first, PIM’s coffee.

Ahhh splendid! Sorry about that but anyone who’s ever been to KIKK will know that feeling. When you walk around that corner, first setting eyes upon that beautiful dark grey truck and then getting that sweet rich aroma hitting your nose. This is one of the best coffees that I have ever tasted and a perfect way to start the day.

It may seem trivial but It’s small things like this at KIKK that sets the tone for the whole event. Excellence, care and craft in everything you get to experience and its exactly that, an experience rather than a conference. …

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The hunt for the perfect save icon

Last week at Etch, my friend and colleague Matt Jackson asked me a simple question:

Is using a floppy disk as a save icon still relevant?

This is something that has come up time and time again, so naturally we started to do some digging around to find a better solution.

According to a survey taken in 2013: 1,000 children, from kindergarten through to 5th graders, were questioned about iconography. Among the findings was an interesting tidbit: Only 14 percent of the kids knew what the save icon represented.


Jamie Heuze

Head of Product @etch

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