Are You Ready To Get REAL? (Estate that is…)

Finn Ikee from Escondido, age 35, thinks he is ready to purchase some real estate. He works as an advertising consultant, making an average of $80,000 annually, which is more than enough to provide for his wife and two wonderful children. Unfortunately, the apartment they live in does not leave room for those kids to grow. Since his children are already in school, he does not want to move away from Escondido, but he has no idea where to start. Finn is also a coach for his son Timmy’s little league team which takes up most of his spare time. Fortunately, the drive back and forth between baseball games is a small financial burden thanks to his hybrid minivan. Because of his very busy schedule, Finn utilizes social media to keep connected with his co-workers, family, and friends. He decided to ask his social media network, “How to I go about buying a home in Escondido?” His friend that most recently purchased a home in Escondido, enthusiastically recommended Broadpoint Properties.

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By Dan Williams, Jamileh Hamideh, David Pollock, and Linda Swartzlander