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How many Republicans protested and rioted when Obama was elected President? NONE that I know of. Either time he was elected.

All these people are showing me just how spoiled and rotten they really are.

THEY are the ones who are dividing the people now.

It would not do for them to try and beat me up or smash a window in my buisness. If it is a fight they would want,it would probably be their last.

This protesting junk is BullCrap!

Grow up, Get on with life or get the hell out of the Country!

It reminds me of these Kids today with the attitude of “Entitlement”. And when they do not get their way,they throw a fit.

I wish adults would act like adults. The election is over. Deal with it. Again,there were NO riots or smashing windows or dragging people out of their cars and beating them when Obama won the election.

The Democrats are only making themselves look like whiney baby’s that already have emotional problems if they are having to deal with the election in this way. Just an observation from what has been on video and voiced.

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