Our Team is Growing : Meet the new 2016 JKHF Fellowship Cohort & Staff

“Jamie Kirk Hahn took the time to invest in people. Jamie took the time to see more in people and help them develop into leaders in our community.” — Nation Hahn

At the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, we work to carry Jamie’s work, values, and vision forward. In so doing, we are excited to welcome the second class of Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellows. Each Fellow is carefully paired with a community organization working on the issues of education, hunger, and/or poverty. This year the JKHF Fellows will work with 6 different community-based organizations in a variety of roles to expand the organization’s impact in the community.

While with the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, Fellows take a deep dive into North Carolina and expand their horizons with our partners from across the state. This summer the Fellows will travel with JKHF for the Gathering for Good: Rural + Urban series, assist with strategic planning for future years of the JKHF Fellowship program, and participate in an extensive series of learning sessions about JKHF, North Carolina, and the work being done around the issues of education, hunger, and poverty.

Fellows will also participate in leadership assessments, racial equity training, and far more.

“People are what all of us revolve around” — Tori Taylor, Mentee of Jamie Kirk Hahn

The Jamie Kirk Hahn Fellows range from 20 to 35 years old and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Below are their stories.

Austin — Senior Fellow; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Class of 2017

Last summer I had a life changing experience with the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation and I’m excited to continue my growth as a returning fellow. The foundation is helping to lead the charge in creating connections across the state around poverty, education, and food access and I am thrilled to be serving the community in such a privileged capacity.

Adrienne — Teach for America, W.A. Pattillo Middle School, 8th Grade STEM, Edgecombe County

Public service has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember — a value that my parents instilled in me at a young age. As a Teach for America corps member, I have learned the value of building upon strengths in the community in order to create sustainable solutions. I appreciate that the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation is focused on community engagement and working in tandem with existing program projects. I look forward to broadening my network within Eastern North Carolina and becoming deeply engaged in the Triangle community. Beyond my commitment in the classroom, I am interested in entering the field of social work to support at-risk teenagers and their families.

Oderah — Duke University, Class of 2017

I look forward to being a fellow with the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation due to the values it represents and the work it does to benefit communities. Southeast Raleigh Promise [Oderah’s project for the summer] is focused on making a positive impact within the community, and I am excited to learn and take part in creating a cradle to career pipeline for low-income students seeking success. I strongly believe in being a part of a community and using my talents and experiences to make a difference. This summer, as a Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellow, I will have the opportunity to do so.

Seth — Tipping Point Community Foundation, T Lab Fellowship, Oakland, CA

I taught high school in rural Warren County in North Carolina and heard about the Jamie Kirk Hahn Fellowship through a close teacher friend. Warren County showed me the power and strength inherent in our rural communities. I’m now living in Oakland, CA and working in early childhood education. I’m very grateful to get to come back to North Carolina and be part of the JKHF Community and work towards expanding high-quality programs for parents and kids age 0–5. I believe we need to focus support as early in a child’s life as possible to set them up for a lifetime of success in school and beyond. Let’s get to work.

Tiffany — University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Class of 2018

I have always had a passion for people and for serving my community. When I was selected to be a Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellow, I was excited to be a part of a unique network of people working together to better North Carolina. I look forward to all that I will learn this summer, engaging in new relationships, and making a positive impact in Raleigh. I know that everything I experience will continue to set me on my path to working in the non-profit sector after my undergraduate career at UNC.

Emma — Program Coordinator, Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

I am delighted to join the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation as the Program Coordinator, managing this year’s Fellowship Cohort. Social justice and giving back have always been a key part of who I am, now I get to work with Alexis and Nation to help give back to my home community. I look forward to spending my summer with the fellows you’ve just met.

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