Everybody loves Google Chrome, right? And everyone is looking for the best Chrome extensions.

With its incredible speed, simplicity and performance, it is easy to see why it is so cherished by everybody.

Specialists have developed a kind of interest in Chrome and that is why they created Chrome add-ons or extension which has almost the same functions as Firefox Addons.

So I researched about those extensions and I liked what I saw about them, and thus, I have compiled a list of the best extensions for chrome which Web designers can find useful.


Writewell is an unbeatable writing software which is very handy to start any sort of writing project such as ebooks, articles, blogs, novels, etc.

The Chrome extension provides a lot of templates and also outlines, samples, smart phrases and tips to steer you through the process of writing.


Drastically speed up styling elements processes with DomFlags, a highly remarkable extension which enables you to create shortcuts for keyboard for DOM elements!

It is just like having bookmark to navigate the DOM; this is definitely going to transform the way you work with DevTools.

Highly Highlighter

This is a fascinating system to bring people into a conversation: Highly allows you to share highlights from online articles, so attention can be drawn to the most important parts of writing.


Booom allows Dribbble to be improved by displaying bigger shots in records; putting Add and Like to Bucket buttons in records; allowing GIFs autoplay and it brings infinite scroll.


This great Chrome plugin enables you to make designs and export them thereafter for use on your website into a CSS file. It bolsters layers and contains plenty of the instruments that you are accustomed to from your standard picture editor.


This splendid extension will obtain your code and produce depictions for your mockups and demos. You can likewise apply effects and themes to make pictures for promo materials and your web portfolio.

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite gives the rich visual portrayal we are accustomed to in Firebug with regards to HTML components, DOM components, and Box Model shading. It gives some nice features such as reviewing HTML elements with live CSS editing and your mouse.


This great extension makes it simple and amusing to totally update the visual style of a website page or webpage. Need to make a dark adaptation of YouTube or a dark form of Google? Stylish is ideal for you.

Stylish enables you to effortlessly oversee client styles. Include, erase, empower, debilitate, and sort out with a couple snaps of a mouse, no code to alter, no dark setup to discover.

Stylish’s partner site, userstyles.org, has a huge number of client styles made by other Stylish clients that you can attempt.

Image Downloader

If there is a chance that you have to mass download pictures from a website page, using this extension you can: See pictures that the page includes and connects to, sort or filter them by URL; likewise bolsters special cases and normal expressions, Optionally display just pictures from connections, Select pictures for download by either utilizing the checkboxes or specifically tapping on the picture, Devoted buttons to open in new tab singular pictures, Customize show border size, width, style and shading, put notifications and buttons you do not need out of sight.

When you click the button for “Download”, every chosen picture are saved to the download folder of Chrome. In the event that you do not have one, you should manually pick the save folder for each picture.


RescueTime is a special methodical service that assists you to see how you invest energy in your PC, cell phone and tablet. No manual information section necessary.

The online-application functions as one with the installable client accessible for OS X, Linux, Windows, Android gadgets, and ChromeOS.

Pinterest for Google Chrome

Pinterest is an instrument to discover your motivation and share it to others. Utilize it to gather things you cherish, sort out and arrange critical projects, and the sky is the limit from there.


Stylebot enables you to swiftly influence the look of any site (making use of custom CSS). You select an element and pick any modifications you want effect from the editor.

The font size, margins, colour, visibility and a lot more can be changed. The highly developed users manually write the CSS.

Making use of Stylebot, you can customize the appearance of your beloved sites. Also, it is a nice tool to debug the design of your website and learn CSS.

Appjump app launcher and organizer

After you have downloaded every extension included in this list, you would certainly have need for an organizer. AppJump is an extension that lets you find and start your apps and some other extensions swiftly from a drop menu located on your toolbar.

An outstanding feature it has is that it organizes extensions and apps into many groups. For instance, you can effortlessly detach your personal extensions from your work, for better time management.

Awesome screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is indeed a typical example of awesomeness. This brilliant extension enables the snapshots of the entire page or its part to be taken. After a screenshot has been taken, you can ring or underline pertinent parts, blur the unrelated parts and drop comments.

Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer enables you the framework of any site to be checked. It finds and shows any recognized Javascript library or Content Management System (CMS) on a site.

This brilliant extension is nice for those astonishing sites that make you wonder, “How is that doable?” At present, more than 100 frameworks can be detected by Chrome Sniffer.

Cloud Save

There is a giant leap from working locally to operating in the cloud. Being a designer and developer, you always work on the web and you are used to it, but are you also used to saving essential documents online?

If your reason is that it is inconvenient, it might be worth it giving Cloud Save a look. Cloud Save enables you to save documents from any site to compatible cloud services. You can save to Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Flickr.

Corporate Ipsum

This is an exciting replacement for the usual Lorem Ipsum filler of text. Using this extension, you can fill your site with “corporate” words.

An instance of this extension is, “capably target enterprise- broad information with multi-purpose ideas.” Corporate Ipsum is based on the well known Mac widget of similar name.


Exactly like its name suggests, ColorPicker is a suitable extension made primarily to choose and obtain color’s worth from everywhere on the website page. Furthermore, you can select an area and subsequently click on the color palette to spot how the color of the area transforms without you touching a single code.


Having trouble to find color idea from image? Then Chrome palette will get rid of your problem well by creating 64 color palettes or thereabout from web’s image for your needs.

Google Font Previewer

As stated in its name, Google Font Previewer enables you to take a quick look at font from Google Font index with options such as size, weight, style, and shadows. If you’re pleased with a certain font, the link and the code of the CSS given in the extension can be copied and pasted to your site’s code to make use of the font.

Web Developer

This is a necessary extension for web developers and web designers. Web Developer tries to give all the information you require from an active website such as viewing script and displaying object data.

Also, the extension is equipped with helpful tools such as color picker, validator and window resizer.


This is a handy and useful developer tool which is comparable to the Web Developer, just armed with essential tools such as style viewer, validator and source viewer.

HTML Validator

One of the most excellent validating extension which can validate code of HTML of web or local host web page in both manual or auto mode.

You can as well opt to display the results of the validation in the website’s page or look at it in an entirely new tab.

Window Resizer

This extension is an extremely helpful tool which does precisely what it says it does — resizes the window of your browser to assist you with your reactive web designs.

Pick from a variety of well known monitor dimensions or apply custom resolutions and sizes for improved accuracy.

Project Naptha

If it ever happens that you work with set in text from a mockup image, Project Naptha can save you a lot of frustration. Text can be highlighted, copied and pasted from any image due to some neat OCR trickery.


This is a one of the most helpful Chrome tools; WhatFont enables designers and developers to recognize the fonts in use on a website page.

So, should you trip on a nice-looking font that you would like to use in your coming projects, all you need is hover above it and determine immediately which font it is.


YSlow does not only check how speedily your website page loads, it as well tells you if something is slowing your web page down, if any.

Yslow examines your website page against twenty three of the thirty four rules recognized by Yahoo’s performance panel. It is a tremendously helpful tool to study web pages and it recommends ways to enhance their performance also.

DevTools AutoSave

An outstanding extension for all web developers and designers, DevTools AutoSave enables you to save any modifications that you effect on a webpage’s JS and CSS using the environment of Chrome Dev Tools to its source-file automatically. It is very simple to use and it will save you valuable time.


The ColorZilla extension is a sophisticated colour picker, eyedropper, gradient generator colour picker, and more helpful colour tools which will assist with your design.

Ripple Emulator

This extension is a multi-platform emulator that can assist you to test your web application using various devices and resolutions. You can use it in combination with active development tools to carry out DOM inspection, debugging, and automated testing.


This extension is the vital tool to manage CRM and gives support to emails inside Gmail. It enables you to change a particular email or a whole discussion into an assignable and trackable, organised ticket that can be managed yourself or be shared with others.

Search Stack Overflow

If you are a web developer, that means you must have heard of Stack Overflow, the ideal place for any issue related with development. But if you haven’t heard of it, then you absolutely need to try it, the community is flourishing and it covers a lot of topics such as C# Java, jQuery and PGP.

This incredible extension includes a search box straight into your browser enabling you to explore the enormous Stack Overflow resources.

PHP Ninja Manual

It can be hard to remember all functions, therefore, if you have been spending hours finding particular functions of PHP on Google, PHP Ninja Manual is sure to draw your awareness.

It provides you with all the 5.5 documentation of PHP with illustrations in 8 languages without leaving your browser.

Perfect Pixel

Designers don’t like it when they make a spectacular design and it fails to match up completely when it is coded. Perfect Pixel is the ideal extension for developers who are determined to develop websites that have precise design representations.

This simple extension enables you to add a transparent image cover over the webpage top and carry out a per pixel evaluation between them to make sure it is totally accurate.

Code Cola

This tool allows you to view the source code of your work and it also works as a CSS editor meaning you can change the CSS style of your web pages’ instantly and also see the changes immediately.


This is a simple free web image editor that enables you to alter web page screenshots and images. But that is not the special thing about it. It enables you to grab every picture and a screenshot of the whole page by just clicking a button.

As soon as you choose the image, you can modify it anyway you want to from adding effects to altering exposure.

Chrome Daltonize

Colour blindness or Colour Vision Deficiency is affecting uncountable people across the world. This resourceful extension makes use of daltonization, a system that enables the making of pictures more fitting for viewing by people with colour blindness.

This incredible extension can be utilized to reproduce how pictures show to people with colour blindness and to assist you create a handier web app.

Check My Links

Are you done with the building of a site? And have you checked and been through all the links? Regardless of your carefulness, it is unavoidable that you would have skipped one or two, and checking all of them is a tiresome task.

But using the Check My Links extension and it will search through every link on every page, highlighting legitimate links in green and invalidlinks in red.

Flickr Tab

Have your dull looking Chrome tabs tired you? Flickr Tab is the answer to your prayer.

It is a straightforward small Extension that shows a trendy Fickr photograph every time a window is opened.

Click the picture to view it in Flickr, or you can click the name of the user to see further pictures from the particular photographer.

Google Art Project

If you don’t like Flickr Tab with its silky image, perhaps you might like Google’s Art Project extension.

In each new tab, it will treat you to hi-res masterwork from people such as Van Gogh and Monet.

Should the images ignite your interest, then click on it and you will be transferred to the website of Google Cultural Institute which is packed with details about the creator of the work and the particular work.

Data Saver

This extension does exactly what is says: it lessens the sum of data that is used for browsing. If it is turned on, Chrome will make use of Google servers to reduce pages before they are downloaded. There is just a caveat though: Incognito and SSL pages will not be included.


If you have ever questioned about the platform a website being run on, Wappalyzer is ideal for you. The extension discovers content management systems, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools, ecommerce platforms, and a lot more.


For people that use Gmail via browser, you could occasionally need to erase a part of text. You then spend several hours thinking about how to uncover the toolbar button that assists you to do this.

Unfortunately, such button doesn’t exist, although Strikethrough extension is fortunately here to assist. Allow the extension then observe the new button show near the Italic and icons located on your toolbar.


They have always told us that a great “thumb rule” is to maintain the measure) between forty-five and seventy-five characters.

No longer do we need to put the cursor at the line beginning and count up as we anxiously press the cursor key located at the right, all thanks to this brilliant extension.

As soon as the extension is enabled, make a highlight of some text, press the right cursor key, and watch the character count up in the menu.

Ending thoughts

Provided you’re a web designer, it is sure that you will love three of such tools at the least, and perhaps you will see some extensions you don’t have here.

Graphics/Web Design is really a hard task, but the above listed Chrome Extensions can aid your work and make it quicker and easier. We do hope you will find this really helpful.


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