The first time I was called a f***ing b****, I was 12

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As somebody’s daughter, I would like to share a bit of my own personal history with the phrase, “fucking bitch.” I’ve learned that this history is mutually shared among many American girls. No matter what part of our great nation we come from, it is visible in many daughters’ eyes. It’s the look of someone who has heard these words shouted at them, or maybe just mumbled toward them under breath in a cowardly way… “Fucking bitch…” Oh, how it rolls off the tongue…that one phrase that seems to mean so much to the men who say it. If only…

Knowing when it’s time to move on

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin

How do you know when it’s finally time to say goodbye something that is no longer serving you? It can be scary to leave the familiar and venture out into the unknown. But as we all know, the only constant in life is change. So why do we resist it? Here’s the science behind it.

Loss aversion

According to a study done by Northwestern University psychologists Daniel Molden and…

Burn your house to the ground

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So, your precious little angels have been rubbing scalps with every grubby little head on the playground and they bring home an apocalyptic plague of Satan’s scalp vampires. When faced with this colony of creepy crawlies who’ve scurried out of the darkest corners of hell, most parents will tell you not to panic. This is wrong. It is the perfect time to panic. You cannot trust the “experts.” The bug Armageddon is nigh and you must arm yourself to the teeth. This is wartime.

Here is the REAL step-by-step guide to destroying head lice that the fancy learning books won’t…

I’m so motivated even my motivation is motivated!

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Hello Motivators, Makers, and Shakers! I’m so fired up that I’m coming to you on a FRIDAY to give you MONDAY’S MOTIVATION. That’s RIGHT! WOOOOO! And for any of my readers who are asking where last Monday’s Motivation is, please stop asking. It’s not important. This is not a procrastination post from last Monday’s Motivation. This is an EARLY Motivation post, not late. Get your heads in the game, everybody!

Let’s get this Monday started 3 DAYS EARLY! Are you ready? Then here it is. Your FRIDAY MONDAY MOTIVATION.

When I woke up on my friend, Jason’s couch this morning…

How an unconventional psychotherapy helps patients release trauma

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The nightmares always started the same way: inescapable danger. My children were being harmed or taken from me. I was being hunted and forced back into the bad situation I fled from years ago.

Here’s the worst thing about PTSD nightmares that no one talks about: the cycle. Imagine having a bad dream and jumping out of your sleep, panting, crying, and sweating. Then, after you finally manage to calm yourself down and fall back asleep, the nightmare picks up right where you left it. That was happening to me for weeks at a time. It was as if the…

Women in the TV/film industry get real at the Austin Film Fest

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While attending the screenwriting conference at the Austin Film Festival this year, I had the privilege of listening to five incredible, accomplished women talk about what it’s like to be a female writer in a male-dominated industry. While some of what they said shall never leave that room, they had some helpful advice that I want to pass on to other writers who happen to be women. The five panelists were:

Charmaine DeGraté -Writer for “The 100” and “Chambers.”

Amy Berg -Writer for “Da Vinci’s Demons,” “Person of Interest,” “Eureka,” “Leverage,” “The 4400,” and creator of the popular digital series…

Did you know cousin Billy’s in prison again?

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Aunt Shirley’s Gout is back

She’s also got bunions. This can be used to sway the conversation off of healthcare and onto the health of your Aunt Shirley’s feet.

Billy’s in prison again

Steer the conversation from macro to micro if it veers off onto the prison-industrial complex. Focus on the fact that petty thief Billy just doesn’t seem to learn his lesson.

Are you pregnant?

Instead of talking about the potential to elect the first female president, maybe Uncle Frank can ask me if I’m pregnant again. I love telling him every year that my belly bump is from stress-eating and that I can’t have any more children.

Ask Cousin Peter about his rock collection

Sure, it will…

You are the dream of your ancestors

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Family gatherings can really highlight the differences among one another. They can also gel and harden old family patterns. Some patterns are good, like fun family traditions. Some patterns are disconnected from reason and can be harmful.

My therapist told me an interesting story about family patterns. One family had a strange tradition of cutting a pot roast in half before putting it in the oven, roasting only half at a time. When a guest asked why they do this, the mother replied, “that’s how my mother and grandmother did it.” She later asked her mother why they did it…

You’ve reached the dinner of our discontent

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When planning your next pointless dinner party in a dining room with no exit, you’ll need to prepare meals to feed everyone’s decaying flesh sacks. It will only prolong the inevitable, but you will be able to slip in and out of the silent prison of your mind while your guests are chewing.

Here are some easy, 3-ingredient recipes…or whatever.

Beef Blah Blah Blah

Carve a cow out of a block of tofu and pray to the God of Pepper because Gods are absurd so it might as well be the God of Pepper, or Salt…or Stove Grease. After carefully carving out your tofu…

What Neil Pasricha says about reaching for a journal instead of your phone in the morning.

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There’s a bad morning habit that many of us share. The first thing we do when we wake up is grab our phones. Our brains are barely awake and we are scrolling, checking emails, seeing text messages. We haven’t even had our coffee or seen what the weather is like outside. We are already influenced by others before we start our day. Bestselling author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster, Neil Pasricha, believes that the moment you wake up is a sacred time for you to give to yourself first.

I had the fortune of listening to Neil on Cathy Heller’s podcast…

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