M and W

[M]e and [W]riting have a complicated relationship.

We have known each other for eons.

We love and hate each other with passion.

We seperated and back together numerous time.

The longest time we were apart was years and the shortest was a couple of hours.

I wouldn’t go that far to say I felt hollow when I was without Writing, but there was an acute sense of something missing.

I can’t detect a miss-you feelings from Writing, but from the many kissy-emoji started creeping up in my Pages document, I reckoned Writing probably felt the same.

We like to tease each other with lame jokes about our last get together.

Writing would remind me how I kept re-writing the 1st sentence of an opening paragraph for 2 hours before moving onto the 2nd sentence. And I’d complain how Writing would auto-correct my English-spelling words to American-spelling words.

On a good day, after an hour or so of such banter, we’ll go to the iMac hand in hand and have a blast.

Or else, I’d flip a finger to Writing and walk out of the house. And by the time when I got back home, there’s no sign of Writing and we won’t see each other for days or even weeks.

I know we should probably do something about this ups and downs. I’m all for it but not Writing. Whenever I bring the issue up, Writing simply gives me the blinking look of the Cursor. We’d stare at each for hours and it always ends with me walking away from my desk.

I wonder if I should just give in and accept that [M]e and [W]riting will always be like this. But as long as we keep producing, we’re kind of OK.

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