Meditation — Daily Practice

If you have been reading my (loosely) weekly posts, you would know that I have anxiety attacks and low mood. And because of this I’ve been seeing a counsellor on a regular basis.

Just recently my counsellor confirmed that my mindfulness meditation practice had been the main reason that I did not require medication for my conditions.

This came to me quite a surprise. I knew my daily mediation played a role in my getting well but being the “main” reason. Really???

I questioned it because I didn’t find myself particularly mindful when I wasn’t meditating. I didn’t check in with my feelings or noting my thoughts often. The low mood and anxiety attacks still had a good grab of me.

But perhaps the most important thing I got from my meditation was the everyday practice. I allowed myself on a daily basis, to pause, to observe and to listen to all the parts of me. Whereas if I didn’t cultivate such habit, I wouldn’t amass sufficient level of self-awareness and self-knowledge to go through the crap.

So I think my counsellor was right.

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