Text Messages

I don’t know about you, but I got upset (or actually more like pissed off) when people don’t respond to my text messages.

Now, I do understand that people are busy and forgetful at times, hence one might miss the text messages. Or there are people in our lives, we just simply want no contact with, be it in-person, phone or txt. I get it. I absolutely get it.

However, if one of your very best friend told you that she has been very sick. And after a week of no news, you texted her a one liner to see if she has been feeling better.

The friend: [ Nil reply. ]

You (aka ME): [[ Ok. No problem. The friend was sick. She read the txt, but just wanted to rest more than anything. ]]

Another week went by, you texted her with another one liner to see if she was doing ok.

The friend: [ Nil reply. ]

You (aka ME): [[ Ahem … what the … ! But you can handle it. In fact you started to think might be the friend had serious illness that made replying txt messages very difficult. ]]

Came the 4th week, there was still no sign of your sick friend. Out of great concern, you texted another one liner to make sure she’s still alive.

The friend: [ Hi sweetie, sorry I’ve been sick and super busy at work. Will catch up with you soon. xxx ]

You (aka ME): [[ O fucking K! ]]

The reason I wrote that many lines to describe (obviously) my frustration was not about one person’s lack of respond to another person.

I have experienced and observed for long just how common it had become for people NOT to respond to another person’s digital messages (ie. email, txt etc).

Just because you’re not communicating face-to-face or over the phone, does not mean that you could play being invisible. A lot of the time, all the sender needs is just an acknowledgement that you got the message. A one liner or a simple emoji is enough.

I might sound like a broken record! But this is really all about common courtesy and be respectfuly to another person … especially in digital media.

With the lack of facial experssions and tonal differences in any physical contacts, it is so easy to mis-read and mis-interprete any digital messages. I have had my fair share of upsets and even blow ups with both friends and acquaintances all because of NIL respond.

Of course, there are “messages” such as rude ones, inappropriate ones etc that you might choose to ignore (or respond with vigor). Or maybe we choose not to respond because of information fatigue. There’re a whole lot of commuicnations, soical and etiquette issues we could talk about and write about. I don’t intend to go into that … yet.

At the mean time, let me make a simple suggestion here:

Just reply the bloody txt with :) :) :)
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