Importance Of Digital Marketing In Film Promotion

When a film is made, it passes through three major stages — pre-production, production and post-production. When it is being pre-produced, the entire film is conceptualised on paper as it would look on the big screen. When it passes this stage, the film is shot and captured into the camera the way it was planned in the previous stage. After this, the movie goes into the post-production stage. Here, all the individual shots are combined and all the sounds and effects are added to the final cut of the film. It is here that the film is created and edited as you see it on the screen. Also, post-production involves a major aspect of film-making, which is production and distribution.

When it comes to promoting a movie, it is no less than a product belonging to a brand. When a movie is being promoted, no matter how artistic and creative it is, it’s always considered as a product to be sold into the market. Distributors start selling the film to various cinema halls and various rights are bought by major producers. Once the filming creativity ends, marketing creativity begins. Film promotion requires all the aspects of marketing and advertising which need to be incorporated in the strategy to sell any product or service.

A particular market is chosen for the film and that particular market is targeted for promotion. If a super-hero film is made, teenagers and young adults are targeted. If a movie deals with a particular region, people from that region are kept as primary targets of selling the film. Just like any other brand, television commercials are made to sell the movie, commonly known as movie trailers. There are also huge posters and hoardings of the film poster pasted at various parts of the city — be it a subway station, a bus stop or even buses. These posters are also circulated across in the newspapers to increase the film’s reach.

Among all these platforms, the digital platform has emerged as the most important promotion vehicle in the recent times. Today, the first place where you discover the trailer of a movie is on youtube. The production houses specially choose digital platforms to release the first look of their movies. This is because there is a surety that a large number of people are sure to come across their post while browsing on the internet or through any social media platform. In such an age, you can’t do without digital media if you want to promote your movie.

We have reached such a stage that you can do without the use of traditional media, but you will have to use digital platforms to promote your film. A movie’s popularity and hype is now judged by the number of hits it gets on social media. if people are talking about your movie, they will mention the same in their social media posts, which would further spread the word about the film. Almost every film production house today has a website of its own. If you have your own website, you can post all the exclusive videos, posters, songs and trailers on the same. Later, you can use the best search engine optimisation tactics to make sure that your website is ranked higher on the search engine result pages when it is searched by your target market.

This is how crucial a place digital marketing has acquired when it comes to film promotion. Being the most accessible, cheap and profitable platform, digital promotion of films has become a completely different branch of marketing. As people have started switching from their TVs to their computers and mobile phones, digitisation of a movie promotion is mandatory if you want your film to literally strike a chord with millions!

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