Some Words on Resistance

Some people don’t want to find their passion because then they’ll have to pursue it.

Some people don’t want to be successful because they don’t want to leave their current life behind.

Some people don’t want to be rich because they feel like they’d be betraying where they came from.

Some people don’t want to be respected by their peers because they don’t want the exposure that comes with it.

Some people don’t want to get into shape because they’re worried they’ll leave their partner.

Some people don’t want live in a big house as they want to stay small and under the radar.

Some people don’t want to achieve their goals because then they’ll have nothing to moan about.

Some people don’t want to work on their life because if they never try then they’ll never fail.

Some people don’t want to find love in case they lose that love.

Some people don’t create as they can’t satisfy their creative aspirations immediately.

Some people choose unhappiness because they value stability over the unknown.

Some people don’t believe in themselves because they think having confidence is egotistical or a character flaw.

Some people don’t try to improve because to do that they’d have to admit they were wrong.

Some people don’t have an easy life because they chose the easy path.

Some people don’t grow because they can’t let go of things that happened twenty years before.

Some people don’t try because they believe they have it harder than others.

Some people put things off because they think they have time.

Some people think that they’re weak because they believe other people are strong.

Some people don’t achieve great things because they were too preoccupied with being realistic.

Some people don’t want to set goals because they don’t know what they’ll do if they achieve them.

Some people believe other people care about their woes or their achievements.

Most people need to trust the process, let go and allow things to happen.

Get out of your own way.