Joe Rogan Made Me Start a Podcast

And I never even met him

Yeah I know. Podcasts. Millions of the bloody things, floating out there in the ether, taking up bandwidth and overcrowding the cloud. A giant plague of amateur twaddle recorded on cheap mics about nothing important. Or so the cynic in me would say. That damn cynic. If you’re British, it’s half your identity. It’s difficult to be positive on a wet and windy island where the only things we do that’s world class is be sarcastic and cynical.

Nonetheless, we all love one or two podcasts. We all connect with something someone says. One of my favourites is The Joe Rogan Experience. Sure, American podcasts can sometimes lose meaning, they sit out of context culturally and you have to hear people pronouncing words like route as rahout. Crazy yanks. But Joe is a wise man who displays his humanity in a way that is relatable to anyone. It was something he said that made me start a podcast.

I’m a frustrated musician. Well guitarist at any rate. Also I’m a frustrated writer, just like most people on Medium. I’m an office worker and brow-beaten by my need to earn money and my contrasting need to be creative. It’s been a constant sticking point in my life, like I’m sure it has in yours. I heard Joe Rogan talking about life. He is a man who appears on tv shows, does stand up comedy, does a podcast and commentates on UFC. These are his jobs. He’s rich. He’s famous. He’s by all accounts happy. He said:

“It’s up to you to find out how to have a good time in this life.”

This was a slap in the face moment. An epiphany. Sometimes you can hear the same thing fifty times and it’s only the fiftieth way that resonates with you. It’s not a profound statement, sure, more a matter of a fact comment about how things work. He commentates on UFC because he’s interested in marital arts and has pursued it for years. He’s got one the most popular and successful podcasts in the world as he just starting doing it because it interested him. He’s on TV as he liked acting so he did it. The same with stand up. There’s no magic formula here. It’s just doing what you enjoy. Pursuing what you find thrilling. Embracing the learning curve and just getting on with it.

No one cares if you or I hide away from our interests. Only we will suffer, most likely in silence. So I started a podcast. I’ve done two so far. It’s about nothing. And everything. It’s friends chatting. It’s not great but more importantly it’s not awful. The point is I really have enjoyed doing it. It excites me. It’s my job to work out how to have a good time and so that’s what I’m doing. And you know what? It’s feels fucking great.

Take a listen to my podcast on itunes and Soundcloud.