AUTISM AWARE: Underestimating

It’s easy to underestimate. I’m reminded of this at the weirdest times and in the strangest ways.

Luke watches the IPAD but he rarely watches entire movies. He’s a clip guy. If you’re lucky enough to pull a conversation from Luke you’ll get a glimpse of his favorite part of the movies — it’s credits and bumpers and intros. He’ll say things like “Coming up next on Starz Action On Demand, it’s a Paramount Pictures film…” or “Tonight on Spike, it’s a James Bond Marathon” …

The general consensus is he doesn’t know much beyond a few characters and a few lines of dialogue. He watches the oddest collection of movies — At Worlds End, High Anxiety, Beasts of the Southern Wild, etc.

A couple months ago, he sat down next to me to show me his IPAD and played THE GREATEST SPORTS MOVIES OF ALL TIME. It was a montage of clips from several sports movies. It doesn’t mention the titles in the clips. Here, watch:

As each clip appeared on the screen, he would shout out the titles of every movie.


I mean, I get Rocky, and Rudy. But Invictus? Invincible? Tin Cup? Sea Biscuit?!!

Okay, so, maybe he secretly memorized those movies years of random watches(keep in mind he doesn’t really know how to do a ‘search’ so up until recently his internet browsing consisted of a chain of ‘suggestions’.

It’s kind of mind-boggling.

Still, he really doesn’t ‘understand’ the movies, it’s all just eye candy. Clips and music and flash. Imagery.


Last night, we were riding home from Grandma’s. His cousin was in the back and Luke was talking up a storm. But because of his speech we could only make out some of it — Guardians of the Galaxy something, something about Beasts of the Southern Wild, Miracles from Heaven…

To get him on track, I started doing our usual fill in the blank conversation. I knew he recently watched some of a Star Trek marathon on TV…mostly he liked the commercials.

I said Star Trek One…expecting “The Motion Picture”

Luke said something about Guardians of the Southern Africa…something.

So I threw out a “Star Trek 2”

Luke paused for a second, and got a bit sad, and said, “Goodbye Spock. Goodbye. My friend.”

He may not get all of Wrath of Khan, but he gets the important part.

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