Pixton; Where Imagination Runs Wild

If you never heard of the website Pixton, then we both had this in common a couple. At first glance, all I could see was bunch of comics and cartoon characters. Being an avid cartoon watcher, and proud of it I’m thinking “Ok, this is right up my alley”. As I dove deeper into the website and what it had to offer, my suspicions were pleasantly confirmed.

Pixton is an online comic book interface, where authors have the chance to make their own comics and share them with other viewers. It’s a new and different way to express imagination and ideas from person to person. The website has tons of different mechanics, so many to the point where at first glance it can be quite overwhelming.

When you first pull up the website, they give you three options to choose from; Pixton for fun, Pixton for schools, and Pixton for businesses. When I first saw all the options, I thought “ok cool, they have different varieties to choose from”. But here in lies the problem; The Pixton for fun is free, while Pixton for school and businesses gives you a 30 day free trial and after that, you have to pay for subscriptions to use. Personally, Using this interface for school and promoting businesses would be a good idea, so I can see the open opportunity for profit. However, the freemium could be bothersome to people who sign in to the section that is free, and find out that the rest has to be payed for.

As I sign into my account and move into my homepage, I realized that this website is definately not for everyone, especially the casual social media poster. You have to take the time to learn the mechanics of the website, and have enough patience and creativity to make your own comics, and interact with the rest of the people around the website. You can up-vote, comment, click the “good read”, “funny” and “boost comic” buttons under people’s comics (still haven’t figured out the boost comic mechanic.)

The comments on the website are very wholesome, there is never any trolling allowed on the website, mainly because of the strict conduct rules. Instead of cursing, you must use grawlixes to replace curse words; for example sh*t, or fu#k instead of the actual word) Mean comments will not be tolerated at ALL, however you are allowed to post how and why you don’t like certain comics, as long as it’s as clean as possible. This to me provides more constructive critizism for improvement.

All in all, this website is a wonderful outlet for the creative mind. This is the main reason why I feel like this is not meant for everyone; if you are just looking for the casual media, like facebook or twitter or instagram, then this website may not be for you. But if you are looking for a fun, safe place where you can express your own imagination through comics and stories, then by all means, give this website a try I highly recommend it!