• Tom Gallagher

    Tom Gallagher

    Ruby on Rails / iOS / Android Developer. Co-founder of https://t.co/Blf35uqWlS

  • Janna Bastow

    Janna Bastow

    Talk to me about Product. Co-founder of @ProdPad - product management software, and co-founder, organiser, writer at @MindTheProduct.

  • John Lunn

    John Lunn

    Inventor, Speaker, Hacker, Braintree_PayPal Developer Evangelist. This blog represents my own opinions and not those of my company.

  • Sam Juraschka

    Sam Juraschka

    Building ventures and leading teams at BCG Digital Ventures. Co-creator of LaniandKai.com, a healthy reef-safe mineral sunscreen.

  • Charity Catalogue

    Charity Catalogue

    A curated set of online tools, services and resources for UK charities. Launching soon. Sign up to be notified at http://charitycatalogue.com.

  • Joseph Freeman

    Joseph Freeman

    Social & digital media lead in healthcare. London-loving husband & father of two. Social media, digital culture, charities, tech for good. Just my thoughts.

  • Melanie Mack

    Melanie Mack

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