Watford’s Greatest Man & Watford’s Greatest XI

It’s been a tough week. We all miss him greatly and every article I read, every interview I hear just reinforces what an incredible man Graham Taylor was. We were very lucky indeed at Watford to call him “ours”.

The 40 years since 1997 when Graham breezed into WD18 and changed the lives of the town and those that supported the club have been our greatest times. We have our place in the Premiership enjoying the luxuries that come with it because of the foundations he installed. Built on doing things and treating people in the right way, regardless of 3 points won or lost.

So if we accept that 1977–2017 are indeed the golden days, what is our greatest starting XI in that period? Well I thought I’d try and find out by putting it to the “wisdom of the crowd”. In the coming days I’m going to run a series of twitter polls to try and settle on who comprises the team of all teams.

With the help of all round Watford fan/statto Matt Rowson BSaD fame, I’ve settled on the following criteria:

  • Post GT (1977) players only
  • 30+ appearances min
  • A 4–4–2 formation
  • 8 candidate players for each position that will be seeded into groups of 4 as follows: (1, 8, 4 & 5) and (2, 7, 3 & 6)
  • These seeds are based on a combination of criteria such as goal/game and clean sheet/game ratios, points earned per game played and many other that frankly hurt my head. It’s quite rocket-sciency hence the involvement of Matt. Best not to ask.
  • Top two from each poll will go into final poll for each position
  • Each poll will last just 24 hours (Twitter standard)

You’ll see tweets like the following so please share and vote when you can using the #wfc11 hashtag

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