When I was younger, so much younger, FA Cup Final day really was a day to cherish. Stop the clocks. Radio Times specials. BBC v ITV. A 3 o’clock kick off.

So much so that I can pretty much cite where I was and what I was doing for every final since 1984. Why 1984 — well that was the first ever game of football I ever watched. I have to ask, looking back, what was I doing for the first 8 years of my life?

1984 — Watford v Everton (I asked my Dad why our home high street was decked out in yellow and red and the resulting answer was me being perched in front of the TV). …

So just before Christmas I promised myself I’d walk home from work as part of my annual fundraising goal. I’d done so two years previously and found that the challenge was a nice way to finish off the year at JustGiving, so the walking shoes were dug out from the back of the cupboard once more.

So on the last working day before Christmas I tubed it in to work — caught up with colleagues and covered off a few emails and then around 1200, changed into my walking shoes and lightweight running gear, and with headphones charged to the max set off on the 22 miles home. …

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Two years ago in support of the charity Walking With The Wounded, I trekked home 22 miles from my work office in London to Watford. It seemed a fun, one off opportunity to raise some money for a noble cause and gave me a useful reminder of how lucky I am; especially at a time of the year when so many other’s go without.


Jamie Parkins

Product Manager + Football Manager

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