1. At their best, drummers and facilitators provide the structure upon which everything else can flourish and everyone else in the room can be their best selves.
  2. You shouldn’t notice them much if they are doing a good job. You would notice if they weren’t.
  3. That said, their choices are not…

Bringing people together in creative, generative ways energises and excites me. Over the last five years, facilitation has gone from something that I had a hunch that I wanted to do more of, to a core part of my identity as a person, leader and freelancer.

While I’ve done a…

How do software developers, entrepreneurs, service designers and development practitioners embrace uncertainty, understand user needs, work things out as they go and move fast?

Adaptive approaches are used in several sectors. The origins of adaptive approaches tend to involve a shared recognition of failure to grapple with complexity and uncertainty…

Jamie Pett

Facilitation, complexity, learning and network weaving. Board Co-chair @ RESULTS UK. Founder @ LondonLIDN. Associate @ Curiosity Society. he/his/him

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