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Fabian Mardi | Unsplash

I am, just like many other people around the world, in my house and have pretty much been locked in my house for the past week or so.

I don’t know what day it is anymore but does it really matter?

I usually work from home anyways but I like leaving my house to work at a coffee shop for a change of scenery or step out to lunch.

That was my “break” away from work but now, I can’t really go anywhere.

I understand what is going on and why we need to practice social distancing but I am starting to go a bit crazy. …

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Elliot Sloman | Unsplash

I need to learn to speak up more. I’ve been working on this flaw/weakness of mine for the past few years but there are times where I regress to my old ways.

Even when I do speak up, I feel like I am not taken seriously. I feel like my opinions don’t matter and that’s when I get discouraged. I feel my self-esteem dip just a little bit.

On the other hand, when other people voice their ideas and concerns, I dome best to listen and work with them so they know they are heard and that their options matter to me. …

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Isaac Smith | Unsplash

Throughout my childhood and into my teens, I carried around a piece of paper in my wallet that said: “be well off by 35”. It was my only goal in life other than becoming a pilot in the Air Force but my low self-esteem prevented me from achieving that goal.

I never considered myself good enough for a lot of things, actually, but that’s another story for another day.

The other goal of being well off by 35, however, was and still is on my mind since I was a child. …

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