This Is 31

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What’s different since last year?

Well, I feel the same and nothing has changed very much except I am a year older. I’m doing something I like and for once, I feel like I have some sort of direction in my life though I do miss traveling and that is mostly because of lack of funds. I’m still striving to work remotely at some point in the future and I can’t wait until I reach that point even though I know that may still be ways away. I was thinking the other day that if I don’t make it across the pond this year, it would be the first time in seven years I didn’t visit England and that bums me out.

What does this year hold?

I really have no idea and I am truly fine with rolling with the punches. Of course, I have gold and platinum records, my puppies, lanyards full of credentials, notebooks full of stories and ideas, a published book, and most of all; I have my memories. Some weren’t captured with a camera and others are forever in my mind until I put them on to paper.

We all grow older, people come and go, but what’s important is how you feel and how you live your life.

Side note: I wrote 30 things I learned while being 30 a few weeks back.

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