We Are All Lost

Sep 24 · 2 min read

I finally finished watching Lost and I don’t think there are enough words to describe this show.

I originally thought the premise was so lame.

“A plane crashes on a deserted island and they are trying to avoid a monster”

But for those who have watched it, it is so much more than that.

It bums me out that I was so close-minded back then when a lot of my friends were ranting and raving about the show.

And it bums me out even more that it took me this long to start watching it because I was hooked after the first minute.

A lot of people had problems with the ending but as Evangeline Lily said in an interview, it’s, however, you interpret it to be.

And so there is no one interpretation of the finale of LOST. For as many people that are in this room, there are that many true, real, endings for LOST. Because it’s just a reflection of who you are, and it’s the ultimate question being posed to you, not the ultimate answer being handed to you.”

Whatever you choose to believe happened should be the ending. So many people hate endings (Sopranos and HIMYM) that it takes away from the show’s legacy.

In the end, it’s only a TV show.

I am going to re-watch it again because there are so much to uncover and possibly even start a podcast on it.

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