Netflix’s rivals take aim at its stream of success
The Financial Times

Netflix has revolutionized more than just the content we watch. It has also changed the platforms on which we consume ‘TV’.

For the past decade or more, SKY TV has been the dominant ‘box’ in the UK living room. The evolution of Smart TVs and ‘set top boxes’ like Roku and Apple TV has meant more people have the opportunity to consume media from other providers (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube) much more easily than before.

Whilst Sky will offer some of its content on streaming apps, it has a very real risk of losing the access point [to content] for many consumers.

Instead of embracing the ‘cord cutters’, the latest Sky Q box had the prime opportunity to embed streaming apps within its ecosystem and maintain the lead of ‘Sky first’ content. Instead it has dropped the ball and may have to contend with ‘Sky also’ accessed from independent platforms.

What Netflix has done is fast track the cord cutting and highlight the potential flaws of strategy in slower moving broadcasters.

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