Instagram Interview — Alejandro Veliz

All photo credit to featured photographer, Alejandro Veliz.

Name: Alejandro Veliz
Instagram Handle: @legendaryalex
Location: Miami, Florida

This guy can’t take a bad/boring photo. Every shot he gets is eye catching. Alex is clearly a master of his camera and that’s something not every great shooter has down. It took me years after I got into photography to start truly appreciating what a good camera can do. He’s awesome at depth, nighttime shots, portraits and a whole lot more. This is just the start of his career in photography but I’d bet he’s going to go far.


I started photographing after spraining my ankle skateboarding, photographing my friend was a good way to keep me out of sitting on a couch all day waiting for my foot to heal. Since that moment I didn’t put the camera down. I started with a Nikon D3000 and after a couple of months using it, I sold it and got me a film canon ftb from a family member. After a few years of only film, I got back to digital and ended up on Instagram as well.
What motivates me is being able to see and photograph the right moments at the right time, you never know when the best right moment will come through so always being out there looking for the next beautiful photograph is motivation enough to go out shooting everyday.
Skateboarding definitely has a huge influence on how I photograph, I try to always capture moments at their peak times, just like in skateboarding, you can photograph a trick many different ways, but there’s one specific moment that makes it look amazing, that’s the moment I try to always capture.


Besides rooftops In my city and being able to see it from such different perspectives, I gotta say that my most exciting experience was visiting New York during the blizzard of the century back in January. When me and my friends booked the trip we did not expect to get there during such a huge weather change, we were probably the only excited people out photographing when it started snowing, it was an amazing experience, one I’ll never forget.


Currently I am working as a product photographer for a Boutique, making it an amazing job, when it comes to flexibility, it helps me be open for other jobs I may get as a freelancer. The next trip I have planned is New York April 22, pretty excited to go back to the big apple, hopefully I get to see all the places I missed out on because of the blizzard back in January, other than that, trying to travel as much as I can, next destination should be a mountain, to try and capture stunning photos of the Milky Way.


Besides traveling to photograph, my main goal is to work photographing campaigns for companies like Adidas, being my main goal and some others.


Currently I am shooting a fuji xt-10, the versatility of the small mirror less and the great quality it outputs really called my attention, and I feel that for the time being I made a great decision on that one. Even though my main edits are in Photoshop I still enjoy doing phone edits, using apps like vsco, snapseed, retouch, etc. Even when I edit on my computer I tend to do extra tweaks on my phone before posting on social medias, sometimes I even do full jobs on my phone if it’s of high priority and being able to have such great tools in the palm of my hands really helps in those occasions.