Instagram Interview — Logan Davidson

All photo credit to featured photographer, Logan Davidson.

Name: Logan Davidson
Instagram Handle: @LoganDavidson
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

This dude is going to do big things. Logan’s feed is a wealth of nature and landscape photos of all the scenes that people dream of. One thing I love about him that I actually just learned after this interview is that he seems like a ‘never settle’ kind of guy. He wants to learn, he wants to improve and he wants to expand his potential. It’s always motivating to see people who don’t settle in the photography aspect/subject/style they are used to. Keep an eye on Logan, I think he’s going to create some amazing art.


I’ve always had an interest with art, whether it was drawing, painting, videography/photography. I grew up begging my parents to let me get disposable cameras to take on family trips and slowly explored newer platforms as I grew older. It wasn’t until the year following graduation that I begin to really dive deep and become super passionate about it. I’ve always loved talking to others that are genuinely passionate about what they are doing. It makes me think about my own work and really gets me excited to continue pushing my creative limits as an artist.


For the past year I’ve been traveling on and off which has been super beneficial for my photography and just my well being! It has been a really awesome experience exploring different cultures and environments that I’m not normally used too. Right now I’m currently doing an internship in Pismo Beach, California for photographer Chris Burkard which has been a really cool experience seeing the behind the scenes and watching what it takes to become a professional photographer.


Right now I am mainly focusing on the business side of photography. I once had someone tell me that “Photography is 20% shooting and 80% Business” You’re essentially building a brand for yourself and I hope to continue sharing my art on all platforms. I also plan to start doing more international travels.. top 3 on my list have got to be Thailand, Iceland, and Himalayas!


Honestly I just want to continue growing and learning about the beautiful world we call home. I have found that learning comes so much easier when you’re passionate about the subject. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is to start exploring different platforms to help showcase my art. I would like to start creating anything from Prints, Books, and maybe even T-Shirts! I’ve also recently started doing more and more freelance work with some really awesome brands which has been a great experience.


I use the Canon 5D Mark iii with a 24-105mm which is my go to lens, and a 100-400mm for wildlife/portraits. A couple of GoPro’s both Hero 4 Blacks with different attachments to get sick underwater shots. Lightroom for any post editing.