Star’s Up Critique

We were tasked to redesign Star’s up, a game in which players bid against each other to acquire the various furniture cards that are worth different amounts of stars (positive-stars and multiplier cards) while avoiding pest cards (negative cards). As it is now the game structure is comprehensive and easily played, however it would benefit from adding several mechanics and expanding upon the current ones. We think that adding more pattern building between objects that go together (ex. table is valued more stars with chairs), simultaneous action (when biding) and take that mechanic (to attack other player’s Airbnb) would make the game more challenging and build upon the choice and strategy. To incorporate these mechanics, we would add another deck of cards and tweak the game board. We also think that we can add a way to keep score, since it can be confusing to keep track of how many stars you have. In addition, we plan to make the design more visually appealing and engaging by making it look more on brand with Airbnb and adding more furniture pieces to it.